Livingston Reporting - page 264

Local Flood Clean Up Services

During the spring and summer, Michigan homes and businesses are prone to flooding. With melting snow, flash floods, and sometimes a torrential downpour while the winter snow is melting, rivers run over, water builds up in our yards and on our streets, and that can lead to some serious flooding, and potentially damage, to our..

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What does a website cost anyway?

Website design work requires a complete team of people to assemble.  From graphic design to general layout to text that is ready for Google and Yahoo to managing SEO effort, social networking, press releases and more.  It is important to find a reputable web design firm, and then find out what it should cost.  Most..

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Heatkeeper Windows Introduces Premium Vinyl Windows and Doors with Built-In Blinds

Taylor, Michigan – September 2, 2009 – Heatkeeper Windows, a Taylor, Michigan replacement window manufacturer, located online at, now offers premium replacement windows and sliding doors with blinds between the glass. Heatkeeper’s windows and doors are available to US residents nationwide through their website. These days, when consumers are concerned with everything from their..

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