Why do homeowners choose to install fencing?  There are many different reasons that people choose to install a fence but one of the main reasons is always for the safety and security it provides to their home and family.

Reasons To Install An Aluminum Fence

Pool Safety: Fencing around the perimeter of an in ground pool, with the use of a locking gate helps to prevent children and children from accessing the area without an adult.  The fence helps secure the area to prevent accidental drowning.

Pet and Children Containment:  An aluminum fence prevents children and pets from leaving the enclosed area.  This helps to keep them from running out into the road accidentally and helps protect them from people and other animals from entering the area.

For the Prevention of Theft:   A fence detours people from thinking your house is an easy target.  A fence makes your house a trickier target for thieves.

Aesthetics:   If homeowners are looking to enhance the outer appearance of a home, garden or pool area a fence is the way to go.  It is a large statement piece that significantly improves the exterior look and feel of your home.

Added Value:  Adding a fence adds to the equity of your home.  It is a home improvement investment that you get back what you put into it.

Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fencing

Warranty:  Not all fencing materials offer a lifetime warranty but aluminum does.  The warranty covers against paint cracks, peeling, chips and workmanship defects.  The powder coating makes the fences finish last for a significant period of time over other fencing materials.

Colors:  Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors, black being the most common choice amongst homeowners.  Different colors are available in every style and grade of aluminum fence.  You can choose a color that coordinates with the exterior of your home.

Economical:  Over the long term, aluminum fencing is the most economical type of fencing.  Other types of fencing materials require replacement not to mention maintenance and painting expenses over time.

Maintenance:  Aluminum fences are rust resistant and require far less maintenance overall than most fencing types.  Aluminum does not need to be stained or power washed yearly.  There is no need for paint either as the powder coating used on aluminum helps prevent against chips, cracks and peeling.

Safety:  If you are looking for a fence that meets B.O.C.A. standards, aluminum s designed to meet pool codes.  This is true not only of residential use but also commercial use.

Installation: There is no other fence as easy to install as an aluminum fence.  The fence comes in pre-assembled panels with posts pre-punched.  The most difficult part of installing an aluminum fence is digging the holes for the posts.

Aluminum fence is priced according to the ornamental design and grade of fencing you choose.  Residential fencing is less expensive and requires a lighter gauge then commercial or industrial aluminum fence do.

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