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Choosing The Right Promotional Product For Your Company

Are you a business owner?  Have you ever thought about using promotional products to represent your business?  Are not sure what promotional items would best be suited for your type of business?  While there are several thousand terrific products to choose from, not every item is right for every business.  When considering your options take time to analyze your customers and exactly what would be the most effective promotional product to use to keep your company logo top of mind at all times.

Below are some examples that will help you on your way to choosing promotional items that you work to market your company in the most effective way:

If you are in a field such as insurance, banking, finance or any position that focuses around an office then products and services would benefit from promotional item that are used in an office.  Office supplies can range from pens to calendars.  Consider items such as sticky-notes, planners, magnets and unique office accessories.  This type of promotional gift will be appreciated by employees and important clients.  These promotional products will be appreciated and useful.

Another popular promotional gift used to market a variety of businesses if reusable bags with your company logo embellished on the outside of the bag.  Bags can also store hidden goodies from your business such as magnets, pens and pads of list paper.  These are all perfect items for the consumers who will be using your reusable bags at the store most often.  Busy eco-conscience mom love free goodies and a reusable bag will keep your company logo in the eye of the public as well as this individual consumer.  This is a true double duty promotional tool for companies.

Clothing with your firm’s logo is a great way to show employee appreciation and promotion for customers.  Promotional logo clothing should be reserved for situations where you can afford to supply free clothing products which can be a pricier promotional product to consider as an option.  These items are best used sparingly for free giveaway prizes at trade shows, golf outings and company picnics.

If your company is in the home construction, home sales, appliance business or something of that nature than promotional household items will be a great advertisement for your company. For instance, if you are a general contractor and have just finished a job a promotional item such as a bread carving kit or knife set would be appropriate.  It is useful for their home and in direct line with the service you provided for them.

These are just a few ways in which promotional products can be utilized in advertising your company. The ultimate decision for the promotional item best suited for your company is determined by the need and budget that is set.  Promotional products can be purchased with every budget and industry.  Another consideration is the occasion that you intend the product for.  Picnic events for employees may get by with fun, plastic Frisbees but will not be well received in corporate gift baskets.  Take some time and determine the right combination of promotional products for your company logo to adorn.

Promotional Items That Work Well To Support Your Business

When looking to advertise for your company there is many avenues that can be sought out.  Of course traditional methods are tried and true however simple, boring and the same old thing are.  What do you do to spark new interest?  During corporate events, company picnics, trade shows and even for holiday gifts clients, new and old are looking to see what you are offering that is unique and new.  Proving to them you are still in the game.  Many companies are looking towards a variety of promotional products and gifts to promote the business.

Choosing promotional items for a company is a difficult challenge to say the least.  It is pertinent to offer something that is useful to the client and provides a benefit to them as well as to increase the awareness they have with your company. As with anything there are individual pros and cons to each chotchkie item.

Many companies will choose to advertising using food products.  This is especially appropriate ate golf outings, corporate picnics and for holiday gift giving.  The nice thing about offering a food item is that the price level you desire is often easy to match.  For instance, offering a packet of gum with your logo advertising the company is inexpensive and will be enjoyed by individuals after they are finished eating.  The nice thing is that later when they reach for another piece after the event is over they will again remember who supplied it.  If you have an increased budget, baskets of coffee or fruit make a nice offering at a higher price level.  It is easy to stick with in a budget even for a large amount of clients.

The drawback to food items are that they often perish reasonably fast.  This limits the amount of time clients will be exposed to your company advertising product.  Another thing to consider is the ever abundant food allergies and clients with special dietary needs.

Another often thought of item to use for a promotional product are things that offer a utility purpose.  This could range from a pen, a reusable bag, insulated lunch carrier, a calendar or a simple mug.  The benefit of these items is their longevity. Clients will see your company advertisement over and over without a sales person being in their face.  These simple items are things people will use day in and out which in turn become more free advertising for you.

The drawback is that the item could end up in the hands of someone who is not responsible for decisions that could lead to business for your company.  These promotional items really only end up working as company advertising if the person using it is the one that will be a future decision maker to send business your way.

A new recent category that has come about in promotional advertising is items for the office.  These items include unique USB drives, adhesive notes and mouse pads.  With the range of products with in this category it will be for sure that one of the items will fit within your company’s budget for promotions.  This is an advantage for companies of all sizes seeking to advertise. This has become a popular promotional category therefore the major drawback is that these products may already be overwhelming the desks of the clientele you are seeking.

The business advertising and marketing of companies is such an important division within a company.  The choices made will affect the perception of the clients.  It is important to keep your companies name and logo top of mind to clients.  You want to be the first person they think of when your industry is brought up and they seek support.  This will lead to relationship building which will grow bringing referral business for decades to come.