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Fleet Wraps and Fleet Graphics: Helping Your Business Stand Out

We bought are home a few years ago during the foreclosure boom.  It had been sitting empty for three years.  The inside had minor issues such as carpet, paint and updating light fixtures which are all relatively easy to accomplish but the outside issues were more than my husband or I could tackle.  Tree limbs were hanging over the house, dead branches needed to be trimmed and the landscaping needed to be completely ripped out and redone.  So with all of this in mind I knew I needed to call in the professionals.

I looked up local tree cutting companies and called three of them out for quotes.  It is so funny because I never truly thought about how you view businesses until one by one the owners started to show up to give us quotes.

The first gentleman was a very nice man.  He drove up in an old beat up pickup truck that desperately needed to find its way to the junk yard.  He came out and was dressed in attire that replicated the truck he drove up in.  When he wrote my quote up it came out on a scrap piece of paper and had his name and number hand printed on the top with some scribbles about my yard and the trees he promised to cut down, the limbs to be taken off and how the workers were supposed to dispose of the materials.

From looking at the man and seeing the car her drove up I knew immediately this was not my man.  If you don’t show up looking half way professional, with materials made especially for your company then how can anyone take you serious as a business owner?

A few minutes later the second company that was offering me a quote called to let me they were on their way. I am a little bit more impressed because a newer pick up with a magnetic sign listing his company and the phone number was stuck to the side.  This definitely gives a completely different initial reaction to my gut and I open up to them and show them what I would like to accomplish.  Again, he pulls out a tablet and writes a quote for the trees, the limbs to be trimmed and also offered to trim up the actual bushes around the house at no extra charge.   This was more along the lines of what I was thinking until I saw the third company pull up.

When AJ showed up with his truck covered in a fleet wrap I knew instantly he was going to be my tree guy.  Anyone that puts that kind of effort into advertising their firm on their vehicle using vehicle wraps and fleet graphics designed specifically for them has to take time and put pride into the work that he does.  When he pulled up not only was his vehicle covered in fleet wraps but he came out handing me a professionally printed folder with information about his company.  When he wrote my quote it was on a company letterhead.  One of the things I like most besides the fleet wraps on his truck was his professional pamphlets that included a copy of his insurance.  His quote was also right on target with the two other tree trimmers but he laid out a detailed plan of what would be done and what equipment was needed to reach the hard to reach places.

It really goes to show that although not all books should be judged by their cover they are.  Make sure your business vehicles have a good cover.  The idea of fleet wraps and professional fleet graphics really shows people when you pull into their driveways just how serious you are about business.  It is also a great form of advertising for your firm.  Every time you drive that vehicle you are advertising for your company.

Real Estate Signs: Hiring The Right Agent For Your Need

Everyone wants to know they are getting involved with the right real estate agent which can be difficult because everyone sees what they want a little bit differently.  What real estate signs you look for in an agent and company is up to you.  There are certain things to look for and ask before committing to sign with one agent.  Determining the pros and cons of each agent you interview is up to you personally and what you place higher value on in the long run.

Whether you are looking into purchasing a house or selling an existing home your real estate agent should be able to accommodate your need.  However, some agents are better in one area or another so do not go into the process thinking that your agent will be the best for all circumstances involving your housing needs.  There are many things that can help you make sure you are making a good decision choosing your agent.

When you are begin you search you might be at first attracted to the real estate signs that litter the county.  Be aware that is not always the best option.  You will need to do your own research on the agent and can’t get an accurate opinion on the agents work just because their real estate signs are scattered throughout the county.

The best way to get a feel for an agent is to check them out in action.  Go to an open house they are holding or ask that they meet to show you a house they have listed.  This is a great way to see how they present a home and how they represent themselves.

Ask the agent how many homes they have sold and closed on in the past year.  The more times they have actually gone through closing the more experience they bring to the table.  You want an agent who has had experience on your side to help you negotiate the best possible deal for your side of the offer.

Often referrals are a great way to find an agent.  Finding an agent that has worked closely with a friend, family member or close acquaintance is usually a good sign on if they will work well with you.

Double check the agent’s online presence, the importance of this is monumental because of the important role technology plays in the way people seek out information today. Make sure that your agent lists their homes online, recent statistics show that eighty-five percent of purchases come from buyers who have seen their homes online.

Don’t necessarily settle on the first agent you find.  It is important to interview several agents to find the best fit for your needs.  Build trust with them by spending time looking at several properties and portfolios of homes sold and purchase through them before signing any document that is binding.

Look in the MLS listings and see how the agent’s listings come up.  You should notice professional pictures have been used and that they detail the house and can be viewed in a manner where the details can be seen.

Ask for references from sellers and buyers.  Check the agent’s reputation within the industry also.  How the agent is viewed by their peers is important.  The deal will run smoother if the agent is able to negotiate well with other agents.

Last but not least don’t expect too much.  Remember that although they agent works for you respect is a two way street.  Don’t call the agent after normal business hours with questions that can wait to be answered until the morning, agents can’t always return your call ten minutes after you sent it so set reasonable expectations in regards to this.  When you settle on an agent ask their opinion on mortgage providers, inspectors and contractors.  They should be able to give you an unbiased opinion and will help show the type of people that they associate with giving you a better feel going into the process of buying a home.

Monument Signs: How Does Your Business Sign Represent You?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  That saying is not only true in life but also for your business.  When you are trying to attract clients in this all too competitive economy your first impression means everything.  Look out side, what does your monument sign say about your business?  Did you spare no expensive when opening and have a business sign created with your company’s logo complete with a messaging board to update clients and advertise specials?  Or did you go the opposite direction and buy the cheapest business sign you could find with the old adage in mind that your clients won’t judge a book by its cover?

It is obvious that a well designed sign is what you really want to consider when picking a monument sign to represent your company.  Whether we want to believe it or not people do settle on their opinion of a business within seconds so you want to give them a lasting first impression of quality and commitment.  Now that I have your attention and you are realizing the business sign that you have up is not a true representation of your firm you are asking yourself about locating a firm that can help you change that.

Picking a monument sign supplier does not have to be a headache.  You must look for certain qualities when picking out any business that is going to help you create a better image for your firm. What are the things you should look for when looking for solutions for your company’s signage?

First look into the quality of the products they offer.  When looking at different companies that offer monument sign services ask to see examples of their work up within the community.  Seeing the work on a website is nice and can give you a general feel for the work the company does.   Actually going and seeing the signs in person and talking to the company’s representative that dealt with the sign company will give you a better feel for what you can expect.

Next you must determine how easy the sign will be for you to use.  Messaging boards are often a bit tricky for people to use.  If the new business sign offers a messaging board feature that can be used to advertise specials and promotions.  Make sure that you are given detailed instructions on how to change the messages that are displayed and that the company you are purchasing it from is also the company that will attend to is servicing needs.

Don’t assume that the most expensive sign is the best and likewise that going with the least expensive is a good thing either.  Truly look into the quality of the products that warranty’s and the guarantees the company offers on their product.  You want the sign to last without falling apart for an eternity so inspect the signs that the company offers and look for wear and tear signs.

When purchasing the monument sign for your company remember that it is what will be the draw of your company.  Make sure that you choose a business sign that represent the image you want to share with the world.  It is important that the colors and logo are in line with that of the firm so that people can tell it is you.  If there is a certain logo that is used on your business cards and flyers than makes sure it is evident within your sign.  It is so important that the writing is visually pleasing and able to be read without trouble as people driving by will be reading the sign in a matter of seconds.