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Seasonal Bug Out Bags

Preppers are serious about being prepared. After all, the root word implies those who are prepping are gearing up for something serious. Whether it be a global catastrophe, pandemic, natural disaster, economic collapse, you name it, preppers are ready for whatever materializes.

Most will readily combat these calamities with help from a Bug Out Bag (BOB), packed to the brim with essential survival items. Rather than using a gigantic BOB that might be chocked full of unnecessary winter gear in the summer, or vice-versa, a more efficient solution would be to re-pack in the spring and fall seasons. Additionally, another option is to have two separate bags ready to go for either summer (hot) or winter (cold) weather.

Some of the hot weather gear you might want to fill your BOB with include:

Cold weather gear to fill your BOB could include:

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The Importance of Engine Coolant Flushes

Engine coolant is also known as antifreeze. This fluid removes excess heat from an engine using heat transfer chemicals such as ethylene or propylene glycol and water. Cars produce a great deal of energy and heat while moving. In the engine, the exhaust and cooling systems are designed to ensure the vehicle remains cool. Coolant safeguards the engine in the sweltering summer months by absorbing heat, thereby stopping water from boiling and ensuring metal parts don’t corrode.

Without coolant, an engine is susceptible to many issues. Since coolant loses potency through time, it’s imperative to get coolant flushes to ensure your engine is protected. Here are some benefits of changing your coolant fluids:

  1. Eliminates rust and scale deposits, which can cause overheating and cooling system damage.
  2. Additives lubricate the water pump, extending its life.
  3. Rust is prevented from forming.
  4. Replaces old coolant/antifreeze that can become acidic and ruin pumps, hoses, and engine components.

Coolant flushes ensure your vehicle maintains optimal performance. To keep your engine running smoothly from your transmission to your power steering, ensure your coolant is changed according to schedule.

Check your owner’s manual to see when it’s time to get your vehicle serviced for a coolant flush. If it’s been over a year since your previous coolant change, visit your local Team CAMC today.

Team CAMC is your Complete Auto Maintenance Center. For over 30 years, we have followed a single guiding principle: we never push or sell services a vehicle doesn’t need.  Our team of trained technicians welcomes you like family and discusses all types of oil and fluid changes offered. Critical points are reviewed through a 13-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is ready for the next adventure on the road ahead. Contact us today to schedule the professional service you deserve from a team you trust.

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What’s the Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) are actually two different things. In the past, if you wanted four driven wheels, you were limited to full-size SUV’s and trucks. Nowadays, 4WD has become more sophisticated, and AWD is getting more robust and gaining in popularity. Both are available in cars and SUVs and account for more than half of new vehicle sales in the U.S.  

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

When a vehicle is equipped with an AWD system, the drivetrain’s power gets transferred to all four wheels. There are several AWD systems available, some full-time and others with on-demand AWD. The newer technology allows torque to engage on all four wheels but can allocate more torque to the rear wheels when the drivetrain computer senses traction loss. Systems that are primarily front-wheel drive will supply torque to the rear wheels through the AWD processor if the front wheels slip.

The different types of AWD include part-time, full-time, automatic, and selectable.

Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)

Through the years, 4WD has become more refined, including a high and low-range setting. Low range is useful for mud, sand, or heavy snow. High range is the default setting for everyday asphalt driving. More advanced systems offer a selection of modes for drivers to control how much power and torque are distributed between the front and rear axles.

AWD and 4WD are great options for those who regularly drive in challenging conditions, including harsh winters or off-roading. These vehicles are heavier and more complex to service.

Still have questions or want to service your AWD or 4WD vehicle?

Contact the car care experts at Team CAMC today.

Team CAMC is your Complete Auto Maintenance Center. For over 30 years, we have followed a single guiding principle: we never push or sell services a vehicle doesn’t need.  Our team of trained technicians welcomes you like family and discusses all types of oil and fluid changes offered. Critical points are reviewed through a 13-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is ready for the next adventure on the road ahead. Contact us today to schedule the professional service you deserve from a team you trust.

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The Most Beneficial Foods for Eye Health

Drinking plenty of water, eating nutrient-rich foods, and exercising can improve our lives and increase health benefits. Eye health is also supported through these same activities. Regularly consuming specific vitamins and nutrients can prevent or delay sight-threatening eye conditions and diseases which include macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Fish: omega-3 fatty acids are present in oily fish such as tuna, salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, and herring. Studies have shown that dry eye can be reversed by fish oil consumption.

Nuts, seeds, and legumes: beyond omega-3 fatty acids, nuts also contain a high Vitamin E level, which can protect the eye from age-related damage. Examples include: Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, walnuts, lentils, flax seeds, cashews, chia seeds, and peanuts.

Citrus fruits: boasting high amounts of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights age-related eye damage, citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits can improve eye health.

Leafy green vegetables: kale, spinach, and collard greens are highly beneficial for eye health since they contain lutein, Vitamin C, and zeaxanthin.

Carrots: beta carotene and Vitamin A are both highly present in this vegetable, and both play an essential role in eye and vision wellbeing.

Sweet Potatoes: getting their orange color from beta carotene just like carrots, sweet potatoes also contain Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant helpful to increase eye health.

Beef: high levels of zinc are linked to beef consumption, which can delay age-related sight loss and macular degeneration. The eye itself contains high levels of zinc, especially in the retina.

Eggs: lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc are present in eggs. These are all vital nutrients to combat age-related vision loss.

Water: to reduce dry eyes and dehydration, drink plenty of water daily.

Try consuming these foods to increase your overall eye health. For more information or to ask a professional for advice regarding ocular issues, contact the specialists at Rohr Eye & Laser Center today.

Rohr Eye & Laser Center offers the most advanced technology available to provide personalized and extraordinary care to our patients. Whether your goal is to maintain or improve your natural vision, we are here to help you. Call us at 877-579-0202 or visit to schedule an appointment today.

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Brain Tumor Visibility Doubled with New MRI Technique

When compared to existing visualization methods, a new 3D technique with MRI scans doubles the visibility of brain tumors. Since a large number of tumors are discernable, the new process has the potential to make it easier to treat them earlier and at smaller, more manageable stages.

Robert Edelman, M.D., is an inventor, lead author, and clinical professor of radiology. His work was shared in the Science Advances journal. He said, “Our goal is for the new technique – T1RESS – to help thousands of patients by allowing malignant tumors to be detected at an earlier, more curable stage.”

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, 700,000 Americans are living with brain tumors and 16,000 will die this year. The new MRI technique can catch the tiny malignant tumors that often escape notice, potentially saving lives and improving outcomes. 

The hope is that those patients undergoing surgery or radiotherapy will receive better clinical outcomes by making the tumor margins on contrast-enhanced scans more visible.

Edelman and his colleagues studied brain tumors in 54 patients to determine how well T1RESS works. He applied magnetic fields and radio waves used to generate MRI signals differently from existing imaging techniques. The new technique uniquely manipulates brain tissue signals to produce images that offer significantly improved tumor visibility. This application makes T1RESS highly sensitive to the T1 shortening effects of paramagnetic contrast agents, but it also reduces the signal intensity of non-enhancing background issues, both improve tumor visualization.

Experimental results showed that the new technique provided a two-fold improvement over existing MRI methods in regards to the contrast between tumors and normal brain tissue. Edelman compared the visualization to seeing more stars: “There just isn’t enough contrast between the stars and the sunlit sky to make them visible. In the case of brain tumors, T1RESS doubles the contrast between tumors and normal brain, so the tumors are more easily detected. It’s like looking at the stars on a dark night instead of a sunny day,” Edelman said. 

A larger, multi-site trial will need to be performed in order to confirm the findings, but the plan is to apply this technique to both prostate and breast cancers as well. If the benefits are confirmed, widespread use will be as simple as the installation of a specialized software package.

Visit the Science Advances website to read the full journal article. For more information about CT Scanners, Linear Accelerators, and the like, contact Acceletronics today.

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Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

Sharing the same prefix makes Medicare and Medicaid easily interchangeable, but in reality, they are entirely different. To add to the confusion, both are structured by the government to assist people with healthcare costs. Beyond sharing prefixes and the healthcare realm, the two programs have nothing else in common.

Medicare: an insurance program paid from trust funds which those covered have paid into.

  • For seniors 65+ or those with a qualifying disability
  • Federal government sets standard benefits and costs
  • Private plans might provide additional (varying) coverage and costs
  • Parts A and B provided by the government; Parts C and D provided by insurance companies

Medicaid: an insurance assistance program serving low-income people.

  • For individuals, families, and children with limited income and resources
  • State sets Medicaid programs based on federal guidelines
  • Different programs exist for specific populations
  • Both mandatory and optional benefits available

Both Medicare and Medicaid include premiums, deductibles, copays, and insurance costs. Specific Medicaid groups are exempt from out-of-pocket expenses, and there are four different Medicare savings programs available. Some people can have both Medicare and Medicaid; these people are called “dual eligible.”

To enroll for Medicare, enroll with either Social Security directly (Parts A and B) or a private insurance company (Parts C and D) to choose the coverage you need. To enroll for Medicaid in Michigan, visit their website.

Both Medicare and Medicaid are two very different healthcare programs. It is imperative to understand the differences. If you are dual-eligible, learn how they can work together for your benefit.

For more information about the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website. To enroll in Medicare Parts C and D, contact Senior Health Medicare today.

Senior Health Medicare is a superior resource for Medicare guidance, information, and ongoing client support. Selecting a plan is not a flippant decision. It requires annual revisiting and re-evaluating in order for the client to stay in the most cost-effective coverage. Senior Health Medicare is here to serve as your resource through all the years to come. Contact us today at 888-404-5049 or visit us on the web at

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Combined Study Results Indicate Possibilities for Lung Cancer Screening in New Zealand

Lung cancer screening might be one step closer to fruition in New Zealand thanks to newly discovered results by the University of Otago, published by medical journal BMJ Open. The indigenous Māori people of New Zealand are particularly susceptible to lung cancer, as their mortality rates are between three and four times higher than other ethnic groups. Around 450 Māori are diagnosed with lung cancer, and approximately 300 die from it yearly. If caught in the early stages, health outcomes for the Māori and other ethnic groups will undoubtedly improve.

To assess whether low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT) might be a cost-effective way to screen for lung cancer, Waitematā and Auckland DHBs collaborated with University of Otago researchers. Led by Associate Professor Sue Crengle (Kāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Waitaha) from the University of Otago, the researchers used scientific modeling to estimate the benefits and costs of LDCT screening when it comes to a high-risk population. LDCT uses a small amount of radiation to produce an extremely clear three-dimensional image from a computerized x-ray.

“Having clarity about the cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening provides further impetus to get this work started,” Associate Professor Crengle says. “If this works for Māori, then it will work for everyone else as well.”

Study findings suggested a national biennial lung cancer screening program is likely beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness for not only the Māori but also the entire population of New Zealand. With early screening, the number of deaths will be reduced among the indigenous people. Countries with screening trials have seen a 20 to 26 percent reduction in lung cancer deaths.

For further reading, check out the original article by News Medical Life Sciences or the journal reference by BMJ Open.

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Effects of COVID-19 Set to Change Packaging Design

According to a news article by Packaging Digest, shifted buying patterns, heightened health and safety concerns, and sustainability outlooks are presenting packaging design challenges to the post-pandemic realm. With increased packaging demand due to shelter-at-home orders, food delivery and e-commerce became a necessity. Additionally, concerns regarding surface contamination altered the way consumers interacted with packaging.

In the post-pandemic world, these trends will most likely continue. Hence, product packaging designers are ready to respond by adapting to shifting buying patterns, designing packaging with sustainability in mind, and meeting heightened health and safety standards.

Coronavirus has altered the way in which people purchase items. Online shopping has become the safest choice for most, as store trips risk the chance of coming into contact with the virus. E-commerce traffic has spiked exponentially from 16.07 billion visits to sites in January to 21.96 in June. This translates to an ever-increasing importance for packaging design to accommodate shipping and unboxing accordingly. Adapting to these shifting buying patterns is imperative for product packaging designers.

An article published by Scientific American states that the ocean pollution plastic problem has worsened due to COVID-19. As an increasing number of humans utilize plastic gloves, wear plastic masks, and order takeout, recycling programs are declining. Researcher projections claim that by 2050, there will be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish. To counteract the damage being done, environmental awareness is re-emerging. For the foreseeable future, food delivery services and online shopping will be at the forefront of e-commerce. More sustainable packaging is not only desired by consumers, but will be in high demand in the coming months and years.

As health and safety concerns rise, so too must the packaging associated with those expectations. People worldwide question the safety of various products purchased and brought into their homes. Countless people disinfect packages or quarantine them in order to bypass the chances of contracting coronavirus. Physical and psychological health must both be prioritized in packaging design.  

To read more information, check out the original article by Packaging Digest. For any packaging measurement needs, contact Apex Measurement systems. At Apex, we measure in coat weight, coating thickness, lamination, and moisture to ensure repeatable production results.

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How to Create an Event Budget

Budget: the dreadful word that defines most of our lives is also an imperative factor when planning an event. Maintaining a budget while preparing to host a special occasion can be tricky, but not impossible. Consider the following before you blow through your entire financial plan on those swanky cocktails or entertainment ideas.

Have you hosted a similar event in the past, or perhaps you took a peek at recent trends relating to the occasion? Set specific goals and clarify your event budget strategy. Think critically about what you will be spending your money on. Create spreadsheets chocked with information that will be vital to outlining the social get-together. By having your finances and wish list documented, your overall plan will be mapped and easier to digest.

Some questions to help you create a budget include:

  • What are you budgeting for? (Clarify your major spending categories.)
  • What are the exact costs? (Mentally walk through the event lifecycle and note expenses.)
  • What is the projected revenue? (Estimate the monetary income in all aspects.)
  • Are there unknown variables? (What’s your “Plan B” or contingency plan?)
  • Are specific prices dependent on others? (If this, then that…how will things coincide?)

Sometimes, sly attempts to reduce overall budget appearances by making the number lower than actuality (to present better on paper) can backfire. Ultimately, this can be devastating for your expenses, so try to avoid doing this if possible.

An event planner will help you when it comes to the actual nitty-gritty of budgeting, but it is always a good idea to have some sort of budget prepared before you meet with the professionals.

Have your budget ready and need to start planning your next event? At Event Planning DC, we specialize in helping clients throw the best party while still being mindful of their budget. Contact us today for more information.

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Most Popular Web Browsers as of September

Web browsers play an integral role in supporting many peoples’ daily activities. These programs allow access to the World Wide Web. Websites host different types of information; web browsers retrieve that information from the web server, displaying the content on the device used by the user. Devices include smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. Approximately 4.3 billion people used a browser in 2019. The most popular browser is Google Chrome, followed by Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others.

Data shows Google Chrome’s September market share dropped to 66.3 percent, the first time it reached below 70 percent since May. The one-point drop was the first since October 2019 when Chrome decreased by 1.1 points. Apple’s Safari represented 16.73 percent of worldwide users, Mozilla Firefox stayed steady at 4.09 percent. The browser leader, Chrome, has fallen for two straight months, which is uncharacteristic of the behemoth.

Microsoft’s browsers Edge and Explorer both recovered nearly a fifth of previous losses from August, increasing by four-tenths of a percentage point combined. While Internet Explorer stayed steady, Edge increased three-tenths of a point. Microsoft is due to release Windows 10 20H2, which will come with Chromium Edge, and will be an opportunity for a market share bump. Microsoft has a difficult road ahead in its attempt to replace users’ main web browser, Chrome, with Edge. Chrome gained the majority market share after Microsoft abandoned several versions of Internet Explorer during 2016, which enabled Google’s web browser to jump ahead. Without another catastrophic event, it seems unlikely any other browser will compete with Google Chrome’s market share.

At Creative Programs and Systems, we are familiar with all browsers and can service most devices. Have a question or want to learn more about browsers, safety, and market share? Contact CPS or read this article to learn more.

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