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Shopping Online For Custom Window Treatments: Blinds and Shades

Shopping for window treatments can be tricky enough in person let alone online.  Below you will find tips on making your online window treatment purchase simple.

When it comes to buying window blinds and shades online the key is to be prepared. Before you head online measure the windows you are looking at treatments for.  This will help you narrow down between blinds, shades, curtains or other window covering options.

Thoroughly read through the details and description of the blinds and shades you are looking at. When buying curtains you will want to know whether or not you are looking at receiving one panel or a complete set. Also be sure you know the type of material you are purchasing and any options that are available to you for customizing your purchase.

Another thing to consider is the number of windows you will be using the treatments for.  The variations in fabrics and textures can be evident when the order is not placed at the same time. If you have two windows in close proximity of one another that you place to use the treatment on make sure you order them at the same time to avoid minor discrepancies in the detailing.

Consider the style and weight of the window treatments. Certain shade and blind option work well in a living room but fall flat in a kitchen.  This is something to think about before you order custom items you may not be able to return.  One way to get a feel for the treatments you are admiring is to search home magazines and online images to see how they look in different rooms.

All windows are able to have coverings even those hard to treat windows like arch windows and bay windows. The key is to find a way to visualize the option you are considering in your home to make sure you are not purchasing something you will not be happy with.

Window Treatments For Homes With A View

Window treatments are incredibly tricky for novice interior decorators as is the average homeowner. One issue arises when you have windows that have awesome views.  If the view is not terrific it tends to be okay to add in window treatments that disguise the bad view.  When the view is amazing it is important to enhance the window using custom blinds and shades that allow the view in.


The answer is simple if you have a space that is all view and private.  Windows that view spaces that leads to private terraces or enclosed garden spaces or water front property without neighbors require no window treatment at all.  Truth is most of us are using window treatments to add privacy and this setting does not require it.  Let the wooden frame of the window frame the view outdoors and enjoy.


If you are similar to me and have a need for privacy even though you enjoy the view it might be a good option to consider a layered window treatment option.  Cellular shades are perfect to achieve this look and feel.  You can pull them up into themselves until they almost completely disappear during the day leaving you to enjoy the view.  You also can layer sheer curtains on top of them to add a bit of privacy but still allow the view to shine in during the day.  At night you can close the shades, pull the curtains and there you have a cozy and private space to enjoy.


The thing to remember when using curtains, blinds and shades is that the reason you choose the home in the first place probably had something to do with the view.  The key is to incorporate custom window treatments without losing the view to maximize comfort within your home space.

Sprucing Up Your Home With New Window Treatments

When you are looking to spruce up a room one of the most inexpensive ways to handle this is to upgrade the homes window treatments. Below are some tips to effectively go about choosing new custom window treatments for your rooms and home.

One tip to remember is that minimal is in when it comes to covering the windows in your home. Taking away thick, heavy window coverings and replacing them with simple light colored blinds or shades.

Another tip is to include natural light in your design.  This is especially true when it comes to kitchens and bathroom window treatments.  Using pleated shades offer privacy but allow plenty of natural light and lightness when closed.

Another easy window treatment trend is the use of up to date current colors in contemporary tones.  Neutral shades and blinds give any room a cozy warm feel and allow the space to look up to date while mixing well with color on the walls or furniture.

Another current window treatment trend is adding in natural materials and textures such as wood, bamboo and other fibers found within nature. This adds dimension while keeping colors neutral in the rooms overall design.

Window treatments don’t have to be complicated to be custom, up to date and modern.  When looking into updating rooms consider adding some neutral blinds and shades to lighten the environment that can play well when mixed with current trends in color and personal style.

Privacy Found With Window Treatments

No matter where you live privacy is found when you close your blinds and shades for the evening.  It is true no matter if you are living in the city or in the country the minute your window treatments close for the night your privacy is found.  No matter what type of windows you have there is a custom window treatment that offers privacy for you.

Difficult window are often left uncovered just for the simple reason that no one ever knows what to do to cover them.  Take for instance French doors.  They are beautiful and let a lot of light come in during the day.  This is why we are drawn to them within our homes.  The same reason we want to add shades or blinds that do not take away from their beauty.  Today though it is possible to add blinds or shades that disappear into themselves so that during the day you have the beauty you crave and at night you have the privacy you need.

To find out more about ways to add custom window treatments including designer blinds and shades to any window you find yourself in a dilemma with check out custom window treatment options online at

Hiring A Professional Saves Time and Money In The Long Run

When it comes to building a new home or having home improvements done on your home it is important to research before you jump into the project.  This also refers to project on the exterior of the home such as the roof.  Whether you are putting on the homes first roof or replacing an existing roof you will want to educate yourself fully on the process.  This way if you realize that there is much more involved than you thought, you can save time and money and hire a professional roofing contractor.

You may ask why it is important to have a well-constructed roof installed.  Is it really that important to the home?  Yes, the roof is the most important component of your home.  Without care and proper installation homes can experience water damage or a variety of other issues.  A new shingle roof, installed by a professional will cost you more than doing it yourself however without proper knowledge homeowners can easily forget valuable steps in installing the roof in order to save some money upfront.  Consider that if an error is made to have it fixed is sometimes more costly than having it done by a professional from the start. However if you are set on going it alone here are some steps to follow.

  • If you are replacing an old roof remove the asphalt shingles.  Much has been written about leaving the old shingles on the roof and applying the new roof on top of it.  This is not necessarily the best option.  When you strip away the layer of shingles you are able to assess the condition of the current foundation before adding on shingles.
  • When looking at the roof foundation check the plywood out and look specifically for any water damage that may have occurred.  Any damage should be repaired by replacing the affected boards and applying all new materials for the damaged section of roof.
  • Examine the drip edges that are in place on the current roof.  If there aren’t any to be found install them, if the ones installed are in rough shape replace them.  They need to be place all along the roof line including on the bottom and sides of the roof.  They can easily be kept in place with roofing nails.
  • The next step is to install a felt paper to the plywood foundation of the roof.  A fifteen pound felt paper can be put in place using a simple staple gun.  This helps to protect the roof from building up moisture.
  • The first step when it comes to the actual asphalt shingles is to place a starter strip of shingles in place.  This will be unseen and provides a strip to prevent water from seeping in between the notches in the shingles.
  • The installation should begin in a bottom corner of your roof moving to the right and then up.  Each shingle should be put into place with a roofing nail just below the tar strip.  You will want to stagger the shingles not allowing them to line up perfectly. If they line up they will leak damaging the roofing below.
  • Any obstructions should have the roofing tiles cut around them and then tar will need to be used to seal them.
  • Shingles should be nailed in until you reach the top.  A ridge cap will be applied to the top. Tar needs to be applied to the corners of all of the ridge cap shingles to hold them in place properly.

As you can see there is a lot to installing an asphalt shingle roof.  Consider the pros and cons of any home improvement project before you embark on the adventure.  There are times when doing it yourself makes sense.  Other times though you will find in the long run you could have saved time and money hiring a professional. Installing a new roof might just be one of those times when hiring a professional is cheaper in the long run.

Innovative Ways To Improve Your Home

Many home-improvement jobs can be done without a professional.  Homeowners are able to achieve much more than they believe they can on their own when it comes to improving the look and feel of your home.  Often times a big change can happen on a small budget.  Using home design books and tips from the internet will help you get a supply list together for any project that can be done around your home for a big impact to be had.  Below is a list of home improvements to look into that make a big impact on a budget.

The bedroom is a great starter place for home improvements.  Building a new bed frame or re-doing the current one always adds new life to the bedroom.  Something else that adds a big impact is a change in color and bedding.  Adding texture to the walls or using depth with alternating colors is often a statement in the bedroom.  By adding a mirror above a dresser you can add a lot of character as well.  Whether you need help hanging a mirror or refinishing a bed the internet will be a good source for ideas and directions.

Another way to change up a room’s character is with the addition of custom window treatments.  I would leave designing the blinds and shades to the experts and look into installing the window treatments on your own to save on money.  Consider the statement and function of your current window treatments; what do they say about the space?  Custom window treatments give a room character while possession a function within your home.

An example I will give is in my daughter’s recent bedroom renovation.  She wanted layers of window treatments. We knew she needed a dark room to fall asleep in but also that room darkening shades are not stylish for a pre-teen room.  In order to mix both her needs and her wants we looked online and found a company that sells cellular shades that are single celled and offer a blackout effect when used.  They also disappear into themselves during the day.  We installed them with the sheer layering of curtains and valance every pre-teen dreams of and at night the bonus is she can sleep.

Speaking of home improvements where children are involved and do it you self project; consider them when it comes to your project. Kids love to help and it is often a hassle to keep them occupied while you are busy improving the home. Consider involving them in a project that they can complete with minimal supervision.  Make them the supervisor of their project and have them take ownership and responsibility for seeing it through.

For my daughter she was in charge of building two frames with plywood backer.  We pre-measured and cut the items for her. She was in charge of painting and putting them together as well as hanging them.  One is used as a chalkboard and the other as a cork board.  Something simple to work on that kept her out of hair while we painted, redid her bed frame and installed new window treatments.

A simple home improvement project that will help in homes where pipes are in crawl spaces or under sinks with little insulation is by adding pipe insulation. This is simple, cheap and effective in preventing pipes freezing gin the winter and sweating in the summer.  Both which can cause damage to the structures around the pipes over time if not dealt with.

Many home improvement projects can be done by home owners willing to put in the seat equity to get the results desired.  Bigger home improvement projects such as new roofs and barrier free improvements might be where I would call in the professionals but for the minor household improvements most homeowners can handle them easily on their own.


Window Treatments For Windows That Are Hard To Fit

When you begin your search for new window treatments it can often be difficult to figure out exactly what type of blind or shade will work on the type of windows you have.  This article will give you some tips on choosing blinds and shades for your home and various windows.

  • French Doors: When it comes to window treatments on French doors there are several option to look into. Curtains are an option although they block the view and often are inconvenient when it comes to the doors function. It is better to view French doors as a window rather than a door. It makes adding window treatments simpler. Another tip is to keep with the treatments already used in the room to offer a united look and feel to the room. Cellular shades are often the best option as they come in a variety of materials from sheer to complete room darkening.  You can easily install hold down brackets at the bottom of the door to hold the shade in place.  They allow for the shade to be opened easily.
  •  Windows with a View: If your yard backs to a beautiful view the last thing you want to do is to block the view.  I love looking at the river outside of the back windows however I do like privacy from boaters as the evening winds down.  A great option for spaces that offer a great view in custom window treatments is the honeycomb shade.  This shade offers the option of opening and closing from both the top and bottom as well as offering the ability to pull up into itself so that the window looks as if there is no window treatment in place at all.
  • Arches: When it comes to having window treatments installed in window arches the best option is a custom designed honeycomb shade.  It will literally fan out into a semi-circle.  These can be ordered in room darkening or light filtering materials depending on the desired effect in the room.
  • Sliding Doors:  Vertical blinds are still a very popular option when it comes to sliding doors.  Another window treatment to look into is sliding panels.  It is important that the room’s window treatments are consistent.  If you have sliding doors consider the other treatments in the room before settling.  If you are using sheers throughout the rest of the room it is okay and consistent to use sheers on the door wall.
  • Windows with Harsh Sun Rays: Sunscreen Roller Shades are a great option when looking to insulate a room against harsh sun rays.  They offer protection from the sun as well as the heat the sun emits.

A room with new window treatments is immediately changed and upgraded.  When we move in we started with low end mini blinds that offered privacy while we slowly made head way in each room in the house. There are so many lovely options in window blinds and shades available online with easy tips on measuring to ensure you are purchasing the proper size for your windows.  Online window treatments are also incredibly cost effective especially when redoing more than one room.

Add Pizzazz To The Rooms In Your Home With Window Treatments

The first question most people ask when it comes to updating their homes window treatments is where do I start?  I would advise to set aside style and first focus on the function the window treatment will play.  Think about it, if you are looking for total darkness a sheer fabric curtain will not work for your room, you would instead need something with room darkening qualities.  However if you are okay with light filtering through it is okay to use something more decorative and unlined.  Lining is usually adds an extra expense to window treatments however does have added benefits.  Some added benefits include extra fabric lining to shield the sun, making curtains last longer.

Next consider the fabric, color and texture you would like to use.  The mood of the room will be set based on these qualities so it is best to think about the space and how it is intended to be used.  For example if you are looking for window treatments for a formal dining space where the mood is classic, sophisticated and dramatic.  For a space such as this consider a heavy silk or velvet, both which provide terrific insulation.  If your dining space is more casual and you are looking for an inviting space that lends to sitting and talking maybe lighter, billowing linen or cotton blends work. Color will also play a role.  Reds and maroons are very dramatic, sophisticated colors while greens, beiges and yellows are cozy, comfortable colors that help people to relax and feel at ease.

Another thing to consider is how long the window treatments should be.  When considering curtains I think the only way to go is floor length.  This of course only applies if you do not have radiators or deep sills.  Consider measuring so that the curtains just hit the floor and then hanging the curtain rod for them to be perfectly positioned. The rod placement for the curtains to hang on will depend on the molding placement as well.  Some people might consider curtains that slightly break at the floor.  If you choose this option, in order to make it appear stylish instead consider extending them one to three inches.  It is a more relaxed feel than those that are tailored to sit right at the floor.

The next issue to consider is how wide you would like the curtains to be.  Consider that the panels should look ample and that they flow even when closed you should ensure they are two to two and a half times the width of the actual window. There is an exception to this rule.  If you are only hanging the curtains to frame the window and are never intended to close you can order the curtain width to be only one and a half times the width of the window.  Take into consideration that curtains with pleats contain a certain amount of bulk on their own so you their width should more or less match the span of the window you are covering.

Another thing you will want to consider is if you want to tie the curtains back.  A classic approach to this is with tiebacks.  You will want to purchase a curved decorative metal hook to aide you in pulling the curtains back.  They should be mounted approximately two-thirds down the window or door wall.  Tiebacks can also be fashioned using fabric or ropes.  Something more causal can be fashioned using a wide ribbon or fabric to tie the curtain in the middle of the curtain.

Window treatments are a fun way to add a bit if pizzazz to any room.  It is the perfect way to add a different feel to any room.  Start with the function the window treatment will perform and build on that.  Instantly your room will transform itself.

Easy Custom Window Treatment Options

Homeowners don’t always have time or the deign skills necessary to make their home unique.  One sure-fire way to create a look in your home that wows is with window treatment updates.  Easier said than done right?  Here are some tips on making your house a home with updated window treatments that offer inspiration to any room.

The one thing I like to remind homeowners is that the minimal look and feel is in.  Heavy curtains need to be taken down and thrown away.  Simply replace them with streamlined shades for a more universally appealing look.  It simply adds to much thickness and weight to a room to have heavy curtains.  Thick window coverings tend to remove the lightness people are attracted to.

One way to have fabric within a room without the thickness of heavy window treatments is to use upholstered cornice or a simple valance.  This adds a bit of color but offers the ability to keep the room light without adding too much fabric.

Another suggestion is to lighten up your window treatments.  This is especially true in kitchens.  When a room such as a kitchen does not offer enough natural light it does not feel comfortable.  One way to fulfill the need for light while maintaining privacy is using light colored pleated shades.  Some pleated shades also come in a subtle pattern.

When picking window treatments that does use color in them consider using current, modern colors to accentuate the room without overpowering it.  Warm shades and modern colors update any room.

Another hot trend in window treatments is using texture.  Roman shades made out of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and natural fibers add visual interest but remain functional.  Function remains the most important part of having window treatments.  Custom window treatment offer style, functionality and something unique to add to any room.

Speaking of function, adding lightness to a room does not mean including an overabundance of direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight into a room makes the temperature overly hot and unpleasant.  Adding wooden blinds or woven wooden shades light is filtered without the use of a window treatment that is too heavy.

Another way to add interest using window treatments is to use a layering technique. Done correctly you can add interest and appeal using different materials.  This gives a very custom look to your homes window treatments. One example of a layered window treatment is with the use of a natural material in a shade and a rod with airy fabric curtain.  Another way to layer is with the use of window blinds and an additional valance.  The layering technique offers a custom feel to the windows in your home.

It is important to remember the techniques and suggestions in this article in order to create window treatments that will enhance the good qualities in every room in your home.  It is amazing how the way homeowners use blinds and shades can completely transform the rooms in their homes.  Custom window treatments also add tremendous value to your homes resale value.



Tips For Lacking Interior Design

Interior design creativity is not a gift that we are all born with.  I for one don’t have the makings of a world renowned designer.  What I do have is the ability to start with a base coat that is simple and then from there add to it.  I am not ever going to be one for color on the wall; beige is as bold as I go.  My couches and chairs are all in the brown, beige family and are solid colors. I do however have what it takes to add charm without breaking the bank or making my home impersonal.  Continue on to find some wonderful tips to help design the interior of your home today.

One of the first things I do is to peruse magazines.  I don’t subscribe to any however the library close to us keeps a good selection in stock and I do regularly find some that have been shared in the local swap box.  This is a great tip to save money on magazine subscriptions that can really add up quickly.

Another tip I take into consideration is dividing spaces into functioning places for our family.  This means that one room may have several separate groupings of furniture to give each space its own purpose.  The latest space we used this technique was our son’s room.  It is a rather small space.  With the help of a loft we were able to box off his bed and make it a fort setting leaving the bottom under it to be utilized.  We used it as a space for his school work and a place to stash a bean bag and small table with a light for when he feels like reading or playing on his laptop.  We took his closet and made it into a complete dressing area with a space for his clothes and personal care items along with a mirror.  This way he can shower and come in to his room to take care of his grooming needs.  His space is small but serves several purposes for him.

Another designing on a dime tip I have to offer is to choose something in each space to be a focal point.  I like to use book shelves, fireplaces, art and windows.  Arrange the room around this object and you will find that symmetry happens almost automatically.

When I design a space within my home around a window as the room’s focal point I often use layering in the window treatment options I choose.  This always adds class and coziness to the space.  It is also a great way to mix materials and colors giving the room a more dynamic feel.  Window treatments also help to control the amount of light an area receives.

Remember also that you don’t have to have window treatment that fit neatly into a packaged space any more.  When using curtains the sky is the limit.  I have seen small windows surrounding by beautiful window treatments that turn the space into more of an art showcase.  The truth is that window treatments are one of my favorite methods to transform a space. They are usually inexpensive, easy to install and make a huge statement.

Not everyone is a creative genius when it comes to interior design.  I know I am for sure not.  What I am good at is looking for inspiration everywhere.  Take pictures and jot ideas down as you come about them.  I have a portfolio filled with things I like and as I redo and update spaces in the house I pull the portfolio out to see what can and cannot be used in the space.  It is easy to copy other geniuses!