Shopping for window treatments can be tricky enough in person let alone online.  Below you will find tips on making your online window treatment purchase simple.

When it comes to buying window blinds and shades online the key is to be prepared. Before you head online measure the windows you are looking at treatments for.  This will help you narrow down between blinds, shades, curtains or other window covering options.

Thoroughly read through the details and description of the blinds and shades you are looking at. When buying curtains you will want to know whether or not you are looking at receiving one panel or a complete set. Also be sure you know the type of material you are purchasing and any options that are available to you for customizing your purchase.

Another thing to consider is the number of windows you will be using the treatments for.  The variations in fabrics and textures can be evident when the order is not placed at the same time. If you have two windows in close proximity of one another that you place to use the treatment on make sure you order them at the same time to avoid minor discrepancies in the detailing.

Consider the style and weight of the window treatments. Certain shade and blind option work well in a living room but fall flat in a kitchen.  This is something to think about before you order custom items you may not be able to return.  One way to get a feel for the treatments you are admiring is to search home magazines and online images to see how they look in different rooms.

All windows are able to have coverings even those hard to treat windows like arch windows and bay windows. The key is to find a way to visualize the option you are considering in your home to make sure you are not purchasing something you will not be happy with.