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Hiring A Professional or Doing It Yourself?

Anytime you are about to conquer a home improvement project you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.  Are you really someone that can finish the project at hand?  Something as complicated as a kitchen or bathroom remodel is not something the everyday do it yourself homeowner can tackle well.  It is important to consider this as getting started and then realizing the professionals are better suited for the job is often more of a budget cruncher then letting them handle the job in the first place.

The details going into the bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or any home renovation will help you decide if the pros should be called in.  Moving electricity, plumbing or expanding rooms into one larger space are all projects that professional contractors would best to be involved in. Minor room renovations such as painting or simple trim work are areas that most likely can be handled on your one.

One are many homeowners are convinced is a do it yourself project is in the area of flooring.  It is also one area that is easily underestimated.  Flooring is complicated.  From removing the current flooring be it tile, hard wood or linoleum to preparing the area for the new flooring it can be tricky.  Flooring is also a very expensive endeavor and can easily become quite a disastrous event.  Consider a tile floor.  Laying the tiles out and cementing them in place all look like projects that although will take considerable time look relatively possible for a do it yourself homeowner.  The trick part comes in when it comes time to grout and chaulk.  Without a perfect consistency the floor can easily become a mess that does not properly dry or seal.

Bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations and home remodels of just about any kind can become overwhelming quickly.  Look at the time and believe it or not money you will save by not having to call the expert in later to redo your project before actually taking on any home renovation project.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Simplified


The ideas are endless when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.  All it takes is a bit of creativity, a decent budget and some fresh ideas to refresh, modernize and add value to your home.  The hardest part is getting started.  Whether you are hiring a professional contractor in to create what you are envisioning or doing it yourself you need a solid plan on what the goal of the project is; Are you looking to update décor, improve the use of the space or add storage?  Next you need to determine how your goal will incorporate your family’s needs and style.

With a kitchen remodel there are endless ways to modernize a kitchen if you are happy with the original layout and function of the area.  One quick way to add modern touches to your kitchen remodel is with the use of cabinet paint, new hardware and updated appliances.  The difference made with these changes is unbelievable.

For a bathroom remodel one idea that is fun to play with, as long as you are okay with the current layout is to play with color.  You can do this via paint, shower curtains and towels easily without breaking any budgets.  Another minor improvement that can be done in the bathroom space is to update faucets and bathroom hardware.  A little creativity in a bathroom remodel can go a long way.

Of course these are all simple remodeling tips.  If you are looking at completely renovating a kitchen or bathroom and plan on changing the spaces function as well as the overall design keep in mind the end goal.  Look for ideas in catalogs and at home improvement stores.  Many contractors have idea books and pictures of completed jobs that might help to spark an idea within your remodel.


Things to Do to Save Money during a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Project

Whenever you are going to do a Kitchen Remodel or Bathroom Remodel, there are some things that you need to do to save money. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of my favorite DIY suggestions that can save you a great deal of money during a renovation. These are suggestions that revolve around countertops, flooring, cupboards, sinks, faucets and all sorts of other components to a kitchen or bathroom.

Instead of replacing, sand and stain the kitchen or bathroom cupboards
When you are doing a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel, you should always consider sanding and staining your old cupboards instead of just replacing them. Replacing cupboards can be one of the most expensive things to do. It often takes a ton of money, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars. This is not money that you want to spend during a kitchen remodel a bathroom remodel. It’s unnecessary when you could just remodel your old cupboards to make them look like they were brand-new once again. Fortunately, sanding cupboards is fairly easy to accomplish and once you have done it, you can easily apply a coat of paint or stain to make them look fresh and exciting.

Consider laminate rather than hardwood
A lot of homeowners today are looking to install hardwood in their homes. The problem with hardwood is not that it is a bad product, it’s that it is very expensive. Instead of putting hardwood in your home, why not use a high-quality laminate? You can purchase laminate at very affordable prices online, there are many online sites that can offer you great discounts and savings. The benefit to laminate over hardwood is that it is very inexpensive and it can sometimes be just as durable. Laminate can hold up very well, provided that you take care of it. It’s a perfect flooring option for a kitchen or bathroom, especially if you purchase a high quality laminate instead of going with the cheap stuff.

Find a nice backsplash for the kitchen and bathroom
A backsplash can make the kitchen and bathroom look drastically different. It will make your kitchen and bathroom look like a completely new environment. Pick out a good quality backsplash to use while you are renovating. This will help you substantially and it will make you feel great about what you have accomplished. Try to find colors for the backsplash that are going to match the room and the decor. Make sure that it matches your cupboards, countertop and other features of the room.

Granite is not always necessary when you can go for an alternative
Granite is a very expensive product to put in your home. When you’re using granite as a countertop, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are actually alternatives to granite that can still look great. Some alternatives include sprays that you can get at your local hardware store that you can spray onto your old countertop that it is designed to replicate granite. It will add a nice texture to the countertop and it will make you look brand-new.


Steps In Home Remodeling and Room Renovations

The first steps in any home remodel begin at the heart of the home, the family living in it.  With this said there are a few steps to take before you call in the pros that begin with your family.  With any kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel start with looking at exactly what you are looking to achieve out of the project.

Look at putting together a stylebook that combines pieces that each member in the family has input on.  This gives the designers a good starting point at creating the ultimate design to work for your family.  A style book works for any room in your home be it a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation.  Gain inspiration through magazines, the internet and television.

The next thing to come up with as a family is the goal of the remodel and what the function of the room is intended to be.  For instance, if you are completing a kitchen remodel you need to think about if the space and consider if it will be used for formal eating or casual eating.  Do you want a cozy warm space or a space that is open and inviting?  All of these details are used by the contractor to design a room that is desired by your family.

It is wise to come up with a budget right from the start of any home renovation.  In setting a budget make sure your expectations are in line with it.  You can’t expect brass fixtures on a stainless steel budget.  The same is true with flooring options and counter tops. Corian counter tops are not happening on a linoleum budget.

The same is true when creating a realistic time budget for your project.  Remember that if you change your mind a hundred times throughout the project your contractor will never accomplish a remodel in the initial projected time.  As with any project it is best to approach with realistic goals including the space in question, the time and the budget.  It is a time that can be quite stressful, it will be messy and cluttered the important thing to remember is the end goal, a beautifully remodeled room.