The ideas are endless when it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.  All it takes is a bit of creativity, a decent budget and some fresh ideas to refresh, modernize and add value to your home.  The hardest part is getting started.  Whether you are hiring a professional contractor in to create what you are envisioning or doing it yourself you need a solid plan on what the goal of the project is; Are you looking to update décor, improve the use of the space or add storage?  Next you need to determine how your goal will incorporate your family’s needs and style.

With a kitchen remodel there are endless ways to modernize a kitchen if you are happy with the original layout and function of the area.  One quick way to add modern touches to your kitchen remodel is with the use of cabinet paint, new hardware and updated appliances.  The difference made with these changes is unbelievable.

For a bathroom remodel one idea that is fun to play with, as long as you are okay with the current layout is to play with color.  You can do this via paint, shower curtains and towels easily without breaking any budgets.  Another minor improvement that can be done in the bathroom space is to update faucets and bathroom hardware.  A little creativity in a bathroom remodel can go a long way.

Of course these are all simple remodeling tips.  If you are looking at completely renovating a kitchen or bathroom and plan on changing the spaces function as well as the overall design keep in mind the end goal.  Look for ideas in catalogs and at home improvement stores.  Many contractors have idea books and pictures of completed jobs that might help to spark an idea within your remodel.