The one thing that worries more homeowners in the winter than anything else is the thought of their pipes freezing and then bursting under the pressure. The damage that is caused is disastrous.  Water pipes create a mess when they break and water gushes into your home environment.  The water is capable of destroying anything in its path.

When a frozen pipe bursts in your basement quick action is needed to clean up the basement flood.  Many homeowners believe just getting rid of the water will clean the area but this is however only one step in the process.  Any of the homes framing, drywall, paneling and flooring need to be removed and thoroughly dried or the area is at risk for mold and mildew issues to arise.

Now imagine if the pipe burst anywhere other than the basement area.  Flooded basements are one thing but consider if your homes upper level had a pipe burst.  Now you are looking at the risk of water seeping into the floors support and spilling relentlessly throughout the entire home finally reaching the lowest point, the basement.

The best way to make sure your lives are never turned upside down by water flooding your home from frozen pipes that have broken is to prevent the pipes from freezing in the first place. A home that is properly insulated with pipes that have also been wrapped with insulated materials is one that is taking complete measures to ensure the home against frozen pipes that break.