The first steps in any home remodel begin at the heart of the home, the family living in it.  With this said there are a few steps to take before you call in the pros that begin with your family.  With any kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel start with looking at exactly what you are looking to achieve out of the project.

Look at putting together a stylebook that combines pieces that each member in the family has input on.  This gives the designers a good starting point at creating the ultimate design to work for your family.  A style book works for any room in your home be it a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation.  Gain inspiration through magazines, the internet and television.

The next thing to come up with as a family is the goal of the remodel and what the function of the room is intended to be.  For instance, if you are completing a kitchen remodel you need to think about if the space and consider if it will be used for formal eating or casual eating.  Do you want a cozy warm space or a space that is open and inviting?  All of these details are used by the contractor to design a room that is desired by your family.

It is wise to come up with a budget right from the start of any home renovation.  In setting a budget make sure your expectations are in line with it.  You can’t expect brass fixtures on a stainless steel budget.  The same is true with flooring options and counter tops. Corian counter tops are not happening on a linoleum budget.

The same is true when creating a realistic time budget for your project.  Remember that if you change your mind a hundred times throughout the project your contractor will never accomplish a remodel in the initial projected time.  As with any project it is best to approach with realistic goals including the space in question, the time and the budget.  It is a time that can be quite stressful, it will be messy and cluttered the important thing to remember is the end goal, a beautifully remodeled room.