Flood cleanup is never something that would be considered a good time.  This is especially true because as you are cleaning up the flood damage you are tallying the water damage to you personal items you hold near and dear. Water damage restoration needs to occur immediately after a flood has happened.  A flood constitutes of any amount of water that has saturated your home.  A flood can happen when a pipe bursts, during torrential storms and other weather related incidents.

It sounds super extreme but a flood of even an inch can cause damage to your entire home, the foundation, flooring and structure.  It is important to take correct flood cleanup measures to ensure your families safety.  Water damage professionals will come in and evaluate the flood and cleanup effort with you and your insurance company immediately after the area is declared safe.

They will go through and evaluate the foundation, utilities, heating and cooling systems and personal property.  They will then begin to look at removal of the water and sludge that is present.  It is important to properly remove that water for multiple reasons but most importantly because if the water is removed too quickly there could be foundation damage due to the pressure change. However it is important to get the water removed as efficiently as possible to prevent further damage.  Professional water extraction teams have the equipment and knowledge to provide this service for their clients.  When it comes to flood cleanup it is best to leave it up to the professionals.