Homeowners don’t always have time or the deign skills necessary to make their home unique.  One sure-fire way to create a look in your home that wows is with window treatment updates.  Easier said than done right?  Here are some tips on making your house a home with updated window treatments that offer inspiration to any room.

The one thing I like to remind homeowners is that the minimal look and feel is in.  Heavy curtains need to be taken down and thrown away.  Simply replace them with streamlined shades for a more universally appealing look.  It simply adds to much thickness and weight to a room to have heavy curtains.  Thick window coverings tend to remove the lightness people are attracted to.

One way to have fabric within a room without the thickness of heavy window treatments is to use upholstered cornice or a simple valance.  This adds a bit of color but offers the ability to keep the room light without adding too much fabric.

Another suggestion is to lighten up your window treatments.  This is especially true in kitchens.  When a room such as a kitchen does not offer enough natural light it does not feel comfortable.  One way to fulfill the need for light while maintaining privacy is using light colored pleated shades.  Some pleated shades also come in a subtle pattern.

When picking window treatments that does use color in them consider using current, modern colors to accentuate the room without overpowering it.  Warm shades and modern colors update any room.

Another hot trend in window treatments is using texture.  Roman shades made out of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and natural fibers add visual interest but remain functional.  Function remains the most important part of having window treatments.  Custom window treatment offer style, functionality and something unique to add to any room.

Speaking of function, adding lightness to a room does not mean including an overabundance of direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight into a room makes the temperature overly hot and unpleasant.  Adding wooden blinds or woven wooden shades light is filtered without the use of a window treatment that is too heavy.

Another way to add interest using window treatments is to use a layering technique. Done correctly you can add interest and appeal using different materials.  This gives a very custom look to your homes window treatments. One example of a layered window treatment is with the use of a natural material in a shade and a rod with airy fabric curtain.  Another way to layer is with the use of window blinds and an additional valance.  The layering technique offers a custom feel to the windows in your home.

It is important to remember the techniques and suggestions in this article in order to create window treatments that will enhance the good qualities in every room in your home.  It is amazing how the way homeowners use blinds and shades can completely transform the rooms in their homes.  Custom window treatments also add tremendous value to your homes resale value.