The changes that have occurred throughout Google and other prominent search engines has made many people start to question the way they are doing search engine optimization.  Again, it is one of those arenas in life where the old adages revolved around the phrase slow and steady wins the race continues to hold true.

Many search engine companies tried several different techniques to quickly rank within Google.  Many of these techniques had adverse affects on the sites they were promoting.  Some techniques Google frowned upon were using articles that had been spun into several different versions and placed throughout the internet using automated posting sites.  This was getting sites multiple links quickly but the links were not quality and ended up cluttering the web with information that was basically junk.

Two things were seen as improper by Google, spun articles and illegal posting.  The way Google wants site to go about getting recognized is by naturally building links for the site with quality links, linking quality information to your site.  Hand submitted articles to multiple sites over a period of time will get your site recognized and ranked well.  Submitting to an overabundance of sites will not work towards the goal.  Again it is important to remind search engine professionals that slow and steady is truly the best route when looking to maximize the results within Google and other prominent search engines.

Another key element when designing websites and having exceptional results within search engines is to maintain your existence within directories and forums.  This will take time.  Directories are time consuming to post company information with as you will need to seek out reputable directories in industries related to your online business.  The same is true when entering the arena of online forums and chats.  To effectively manage them it takes time.

When first building a site key elements within the back end of the site become critical when trying to maximize the results of your search engine placement.  The title, description and keywords work best when tied directly into the text on the site.  Google will rank your site higher than sites where the Meta tags are not used in conjunction with the text within each page.  This actually works for the benefit of keyword maximization within the site.  Each page can be set aside to maximize a new keyword or phrase.

Another technique that is effective in maximizing sites search ability is to build on to the site regularly.  People do this in many forms.  One way to do this is with the use of a blog page.  Properly done this is an effective way to show Google that you are constantly updating the information on your site which will make you more credible.

Another option that is along the same lines as above is maximizing the cities that you are working in with pages devoted to them.  A page focused on a particular area give a draw to the subject keyword and the focused city.  To me this is one of the best ways to grow your site and bring focus to the individual counties and or cities you wish to focus your business on.  If you are working on delivering a product or service to a national market the same notion can be achieved building pages based upon each of the fifty states.

Search engine optimization is not an internet fad.  It is something real and something that is here to stay.  Once your site has been shunned by Google or black listed your search engine work will double.  It is better to pass on the fads and stick with the basics; hard work, persistence and again a slow and steady race will be won.