Interior design creativity is not a gift that we are all born with.  I for one don’t have the makings of a world renowned designer.  What I do have is the ability to start with a base coat that is simple and then from there add to it.  I am not ever going to be one for color on the wall; beige is as bold as I go.  My couches and chairs are all in the brown, beige family and are solid colors. I do however have what it takes to add charm without breaking the bank or making my home impersonal.  Continue on to find some wonderful tips to help design the interior of your home today.

One of the first things I do is to peruse magazines.  I don’t subscribe to any however the library close to us keeps a good selection in stock and I do regularly find some that have been shared in the local swap box.  This is a great tip to save money on magazine subscriptions that can really add up quickly.

Another tip I take into consideration is dividing spaces into functioning places for our family.  This means that one room may have several separate groupings of furniture to give each space its own purpose.  The latest space we used this technique was our son’s room.  It is a rather small space.  With the help of a loft we were able to box off his bed and make it a fort setting leaving the bottom under it to be utilized.  We used it as a space for his school work and a place to stash a bean bag and small table with a light for when he feels like reading or playing on his laptop.  We took his closet and made it into a complete dressing area with a space for his clothes and personal care items along with a mirror.  This way he can shower and come in to his room to take care of his grooming needs.  His space is small but serves several purposes for him.

Another designing on a dime tip I have to offer is to choose something in each space to be a focal point.  I like to use book shelves, fireplaces, art and windows.  Arrange the room around this object and you will find that symmetry happens almost automatically.

When I design a space within my home around a window as the room’s focal point I often use layering in the window treatment options I choose.  This always adds class and coziness to the space.  It is also a great way to mix materials and colors giving the room a more dynamic feel.  Window treatments also help to control the amount of light an area receives.

Remember also that you don’t have to have window treatment that fit neatly into a packaged space any more.  When using curtains the sky is the limit.  I have seen small windows surrounding by beautiful window treatments that turn the space into more of an art showcase.  The truth is that window treatments are one of my favorite methods to transform a space. They are usually inexpensive, easy to install and make a huge statement.

Not everyone is a creative genius when it comes to interior design.  I know I am for sure not.  What I am good at is looking for inspiration everywhere.  Take pictures and jot ideas down as you come about them.  I have a portfolio filled with things I like and as I redo and update spaces in the house I pull the portfolio out to see what can and cannot be used in the space.  It is easy to copy other geniuses!