Improving our home is always top of mind.  To us home improvements don’t mean we have to completely overhaul a room or the entire house.  We don’t even always take on major tasks like replacing tile, carpet or painting often we take on simpler more inexpensive fixes.  Even simple things like adding some fresh flowers, plants or art can completely liven and change a space.  Read on for simple pick me ups for your home.

Let’s start in the living room.  Our room has a ton of windows and doors letting in major amounts of natural light but often appears to be a bit dark.  There are several fixes to our problem.  Some more major than others.  We considered adding skylights which is a bit costly but helps save on electricity bills in the long run for we would not have to have lamps lightening the space.

Another option that is reasonable is to lighten the color paint we have on the wall.  We tend to stick with beige which is neutral but a color such as yellow can add warmth and bring coziness to a space. Another option we have considered is replacing the dark wood furniture in the space with lighter colored furniture or coating it with white paint.  Lots of options are available to add light to a space.

Next we move on to the kitchen.  So much happens in this area of anyone’s home. It is a central hub for families and friends to gather.  Improving on a space such as this is to add function, coziness without deleting spaciousness and functionality.  Adding built ins can really improve a kitchen space.  One example is the microwave.   Having this item stacked above the stove instead of on a counter adds a tremendous amount of space.

Another great tip for the kitchen is to add an overhang from the counter tops for a mini-meal space.  Bar stools are convenient ways to add seating without taking up space in a situation like this.  I also like adding in a fresh herb assortment to add a fresh feel.  Instead of using a counter add mason jars on shelves or hooks with the herbs growing from them.  This can really improve the feel of a kitchen.

Home improvements aren’t always necessarily items that we can immediately see.  Adding insulation to improve the heating and cooling performance of your homes air conditioning system and home heating system are great examples of this.  Adding energy efficient appliances as well as heating and cooling units save you money over the long haul which is a huge improvement to your home and can increase the home’s value tremendously in the eyes of future buyers.

Home improvements come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. How you improve your home and why is up to you.  Some people are updating and upgrading for resale value only.  Others want to make their homes cozy havens to relax and enjoy.  Whatever the reason for your next home improvement, big or small, remember the end result will make it all worth the effort put into it.