Window treatments are incredibly tricky for novice interior decorators as is the average homeowner. One issue arises when you have windows that have awesome views.  If the view is not terrific it tends to be okay to add in window treatments that disguise the bad view.  When the view is amazing it is important to enhance the window using custom blinds and shades that allow the view in.


The answer is simple if you have a space that is all view and private.  Windows that view spaces that leads to private terraces or enclosed garden spaces or water front property without neighbors require no window treatment at all.  Truth is most of us are using window treatments to add privacy and this setting does not require it.  Let the wooden frame of the window frame the view outdoors and enjoy.


If you are similar to me and have a need for privacy even though you enjoy the view it might be a good option to consider a layered window treatment option.  Cellular shades are perfect to achieve this look and feel.  You can pull them up into themselves until they almost completely disappear during the day leaving you to enjoy the view.  You also can layer sheer curtains on top of them to add a bit of privacy but still allow the view to shine in during the day.  At night you can close the shades, pull the curtains and there you have a cozy and private space to enjoy.


The thing to remember when using curtains, blinds and shades is that the reason you choose the home in the first place probably had something to do with the view.  The key is to incorporate custom window treatments without losing the view to maximize comfort within your home space.