In ground swimming pools are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. With that being said it is also important to look at a trend in the deaths of children under fourteen – drowning.  Pools are a lot of fun and in order to keep summer about fun and not tragedy an aluminum fence around your pool should be installed.
An aluminum pool fence helps in many different ways. It protects homeowners from people sneaking into the pool when they are not home or are inside.  It also helps keep small children who are playing in the backyard out of the pool area when adult supervision is not nearby.  A benefit of aluminum fencing around a pool that is often over looked is the benefit of keeping animals, household pets or nuisances out of the pool and away from the danger of drowning.
Another great reason for the addition of residential pool fencing is to add privacy to your backyard pool area.  Although pool fencing might not be a requirement from your local county ordinances adding an aluminum fence will increase privacy.  This is a benefit whether or not you have small children or pets.  As a homeowner with a pool in their backyard it is important to know the risks involved with the water and the surroundings, be it children or animals.  The one sure way to prevent an accident is by installing a residential aluminum pool fence with a locked access entry system in place.