Breast cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide, affecting approximately 7.8 million women in the past seven years. Current 3D breast cancer treatment focuses on treatment, tissue regeneration, and physical recovery. From prosthetics to drug-loaded implants, challenges persist. With a novel 4D technology, complexity and customization combine to improve breast cancer management. 

Generally, 3D treatments are well-established due to many advantages, such as rapid prototyping, ease of accessibility, structural control, and cost-effectiveness. It also requires low energy, so from an environmental perspective, 3D treatments are eco-friendly, reduce waste production, and do not involve chemicals. There are some hurdles when it comes to 3D treatments, however. Some of these include build size, post-processing, and lack of regulation. 

When it comes to revolutionizing the standard treatment for breast cancer, 3D printing has shown a significant impact when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, and aesthetic outcomes. 

To help surgeons plan and make decisions, breast and tumor prototypes are used for diagnostic tasks, surgery training, preoperative planning, treatment optimization, and drug screening. These prosthetic models mimic patient anatomy. The 3D models, from a practical perspective, were created to localize tumors and provide physical models for resection guidance. 

With 4D treatments, the advantages and disadvantages of 3D technology are present, but 4D can offer a higher level of complexity and customization features. Combined with programmed functionalities, the dynamic abilities of 4D treatments are advantageous for breast cancer treatment. 

Some challenges of 4D treatment include material availability, technical aspects, and the design process. New materials and improved biocompatibility should be the primary focus when it comes to printability. 

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