Shopping for a mortgage and buying a home go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It is unlikely you can enjoy the one without the other.  It is the same with buying a home; you can’t do it without shopping for a mortgage.  Shopping for a home loan is easier when you understand what you are doing.  Below are some tips to help with that process.

Know what you can afford

In order to know what you can afford you need to put together a detailed list of your income verse your expenses.  It is crucial to consider the extra costs that come with owning a home.  You are not only looking at an additional monthly mortgage payment but also an increase in utility expenses, insurance and incidentals that occur with home ownership.  Months before you start searching for a home loan it is crucial to get your credit report.  In order to get the lowest interest rate available on a mortgage a high credit score is needed.  This can be achieved by cleaning up any errors in reporting as well as making payment on time and not applying for any new debt.

Compare loan options from lenders and brokers

Shop around for a mortgage.  This is not the same as applying for them.  Shopping around takes time and energy but that is it; it is free to look into what lenders and brokers have to offer.  Not shopping around can actually end up costing you thousands of dollars.  It is essential that you understand the difference between a mortgage lender and a mortgage broker.  A broker arranges mortgage loans with lenders rather than lending money directly as a mortgage lender does.  Brokers sell you a loan from a lender.  Finding the best deal when it comes to a home loan requires work on your end.  Whether you decide in the end that the deal comes from a lender or a broker is up to you and your research.

Find trusted sources to get advice from

Mortgage loans are complicated.  When it comes to the most expensive investment you will most likely ever make it is important to gather advice from trusted sources.  This information can come from educated friends and family or from people you hire such as a real estate attorney.  Have a trusted source to help review all paperwork before you sign them.  This is important in any matters dealing with areas you are not an expert in especially ones with such large financial commitments behind them.

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