It is important for homeowners to consider what they want in a new roof, roof replacement or roof repair and how to go about getting it within their allotted budget.  In order to do this it is crucial that you know exactly what you can afford to spend on the venture and define cost saving alternatives available to help make your project work within your allotted budget.  Below you will find steps to help you refine the roofing process.

Should you replace or repair your roof?

This question is one that is not easily answered.  In order to determine if your roof is in need of repair or replacing you must take into a variety of considerations.  Repairing a leak in your shingle roof may be a preferable option over a complete roof replacement due to lower cost and time restrictions.  However, there are several things to consider before jumping to that conclusion.  Some of the things you will need to look at are the age of the roof, the history of previous repairs on the roof and the consideration of finding materials that will match the existing roof structure.

How will the structure and design of your roof affect the materials available and cost of labor?

The selection of roofing materials to choose from in replacing your roof will be limited to the underlying structure of the roof.  Not all existing structures can support new materials.  It isn’t common to replace a shingle roof with tile or slate which is the heaviest of roofing materials.  Different roofing materials, as well as the design and angles of your roof can increase the cost of a new roof significantly.

What style and cost considerations are there?

When looking into putting a new roof on your home you must take into consideration the style of your home.  If you have a shingle roof budget but a villa style home you need to seriously consider one of two things: saving more money or looking for a material that is complementary to the homes style that fits within your allotted budget.  It is crucial to the curb appeal of your home to consider the aesthetics of the new roof.

Who will you choose as your roofing contractor?

A quality roofing contractor is even more important than superior quality roofing materials.  Instead of looking for the lowest bid look for an experienced roofing contractor that has a proven record for installing the materials you are choosing for your new roof.  Quality installation makes the difference in all home improvement projects your roof included.

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