Every business owner you meet will tell you that they are always concerned with ways to lessen expenses while achieving the same if not higher customer service levels.  This is something that is true of all businesses from all areas of the globe.  Even with economies picking up cost savings is something all businesses search for, every dollar counts.  There is no exception to this concept especially when shipping freight.

Freight companies can never put shipments on hold because of increase costs to gas or oil supplies.  They can never defer business in hope to achieve cheaper rates later on.   The same is true of companies shipping their products.  Your company may downsize their logistics division and restructure the transportation management division but shipment still need to be received and sent out.  Your company may need to look into outside carriers to ship goods.  There are several ways this can be achieved including couriers, parcel post, LTL shipping, full truckload shippers, air, rail or water shipping.

For freight shipping services to continue they must prove to be the best of the best.  The rates must be kept within reasonable industry standards, customer service must be better than the competitors and shipping times must continue to prevail.  When shipping costs increase it can really add a deep hole in your company’s budget.  Here are some tips to help achieve lower shipping rates while maintaining customer services and shipping times.

  • Choose to ship smaller amounts of product more frequently.  If your shipments are stored to achieve enough for a full truckload you are spending unnecessary funds for storage of the product.  Have your shipments sent out more often in smaller qualities.  Freight is charged not only on weight but the amount of space that is taken up with in the truck.  With this in mind you may see increased benefits in sending smaller loads out more frequently than allowing shipments to pile up.
  • It is less expensive to ship from company to company rather than company to residential.  Keep this in mind when shipping your company’s product out to residential customers.  If having them pick the product up at a local store will offer cost savings for your company consider this as a viable option.  Many people will drive to pick up their deliveries if it means that they would have to pick up the additional cost of shipping.
  • Stop spending money on unnecessary additional shipping services.  If you have a larger, heavy product come prepared to pick up the product on your own with the help of a friend or dolly system.  This is true even when receiving products.  Consider unloading the shipments on your own using your own equipment to save money.
  • Carting your product is often a better option over using a pallet.  Crates protect goods, save money; this is especially true in LTL shipping.  The lower ranking your product has the cheaper it will be to ship.  Crated products have less ranking than their pallet equivalents.

All of these tips are meant to be helpful in lowering your freight shipping costs.  You can find additional information online by searching for LTL shippers in your area.

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