The world today relies on technology.  Without our computers working properly everyday life and business slows down to almost a halt.  This is why it is so important that you are familiar with a local computer repair shop that works to provide services not only to personal computers but also large corporate I.T. networks.  It is important that you find a company that can meet all of your needs no matter the size of your company or personally as a residential client.  It is crucial that the computer repair, I.T. specialists you choose are familiar with all of the following repairs that your network or personal computers may need.

Crucial Computer Repair Services

  • The most common issue with computers today is viruses and malware.  No matter how careful you are no matter what anti-virus protection you have installed your computers and networks are all exposed to hackers that wish to infect not only your computer but also your network.  It is important that you find a company that offers complete computer virus removal services.  Many local companies can remote into your computer and offer this service if you are in a pinch but be sure that you bring your computer in to their service center for a thorough cleaning and tune up.
  • Hardware repairs are the next service that needs to be offered by the I.T. Company you hire.  All repairs including hardware, physical damage and accessory replacements should be provided.  It is possible that your computer may only have some physical damage to face your computer; it is important that they can address this need as well.
  • It is not all about the main computer unit when it comes to I.T. networking.  Computer technicians working on your system also need to know how to work with computer accessories including scanners, printers and other essential parts that need to work with your system.
  • Find a company that offers data recovery and back up as well.  It is so important that all of your data be backed up.  Often times we see that this is not the case where in lies the need for data recovery.  If you have lost data that is irreplaceable you will want to have a professional who is aware of the time sensitivity of your issue and that will begin recovering what they can of your data as soon as possible.
  • Your I.T. professionals should be able to assess all situations including troubleshooting and network errors.  These issues are more complex than most computer repair issues and will need an expert to address them.
  • Maintenance is important when making sure your computer systems and networks are running in top condition.  Find a professional that values computer maintenance more than computer repair.  This will help to save you thousands of I.T. repair dollars in the long run.  Maintaining your computer is as important as maintenance on your car or your health.  Maintenance keeps issues from occurring which is important to avoid any disruptions in service.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at