It is true, no matter how hard we try to fight it, winter is on its way.  We all know that with winter come mounds of snow, snow piled here, there and everywhere.  Snow removal is a chore that many people detest.  Knowing the snowy season is fast approaching has left many people considering the option of hiring a snow removal contractor to handle their winter needs.  If you are one of the thousands of households searching for a contractor to handle your snow removal needs this season we offer the following tips on hiring the best company for the job.

  • It is best to call around and have several companies out to estimate your snow removal job.  It is impossible for a contractor to quote you a rate over the phone.  A professional snow removal contractor would never attempt to bid out a seasonal job over the phone.The amount that you are charged will depend on a number of things including the size of the area needing to be cleared, if shoveling or snow blowing is also being requested and if excess snow needs to be removed from walk ways as well.  Also, consider if the company you are considering offers salt services.  It is important to keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be providing the detailed services your area requires.
  • Ask for references from the following season.  Check with the company’s references to see if they were satisfied with the service the company provided.  Check with references to determine if the contractor came out on their own without being called or if the homeowner had to constantly call to ask if they were planning on coming out to plow.  Ask homeowners if there was ever any damage to the landscape or property in general.  If there was and issues find out how the homeowner was compensated.
  • Look into any complaints or praises given to the snow removal contractor through the better business bureau and online.  Online reviews are often the best place to find out about how satisfied or not people have been with a company’s service.
  • When you have decided upon a company for your snow removal needs the contractor will prepare a written agreement in which you will both be required to sign.  It will lay out the exact services you will be paying for and any additional costs that could ensue.  The contractors will layout whose responsibility it is if any damage is done to the property or the surrounding area.  Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured.  Do not hire someone that is not.  You will be liable for any injury or damage that takes place on the property no matter whose fault it is.

Be realistic when hiring any service company.  It is impossible for snow removal firms to predict the amount of snow fall that will occur in the coming season or during any one instance throughout the season.  Some major snowfalls will require your patience and understanding as commercial areas are always plowed before residential clients.  It may take longer than normal for your contractor to reach you during larger snow falls or if ice is present and salt needs to be applied.

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