Aging in place is a concept that is easy to get on board with.  The concept of universal design and age in place remodeling are both widely accepted concepts within the home improvement arena.  This may possibly come from the idea that many of us are staying healthier longer and are able to care for ourselves within our home environment.  The idea of having the freedom of living alone taken away from us is frightening and for the most part something many of us want to avoid. This is completely possible with smart remodeling.

Tips To Consider For Age In Place Remodeling

  • First consider the space you live in.  Is the home all on one floor or are there levels of the home that you will need access too?  This is the first concern to address within every space.  If the home is a ranch are the hallways too long?  Do you easily lose stamina walking from one end of the house to the other?  If the home is on more than one floor will you consider the addition of an elevator or chair lift?  These are all pricey renovations that really need some forethought.
  • Install at least one entry way into the home that includes a no-step entry. With this comes some special considerations including making sure the space has a covered entry. Additional drainage and a level space to maneuver on outside of the entryway.
  • The doors within the home may need to be widened to accommodate the use of a wheelchair or walker.  Altering doorways can be difficult in that you have to be aware of wiring as well as the structural load of the home.  This is one alteration that may not be easy but is essential in easing access into and out of rooms within the home.
  • Another renovation that is often done with aging in place is the addition of pocket doors.  This allows the homeowner to have additional space to maneuver without the hassle of a door in the way.  Pocket doors have one drawback that is easily modified, the handles.  In order to accommodate aging hands and lessened dexterity add a pull to both sides of the pocket that fits just outside the pocket.
  • Bathroom spaces are always the most renovated rooms within homes that are undergoing basic changes to allow for aging in place.  The addition of a walk in tub is not necessary.  They are expensive and offer only a very narrow door in which to enter.   All of which I see to be a hazard.  Instead consider ripping out the tub and in its place adding a walk-in, no-step entry shower.  Include in the space easy to maneuver temperature controlled faucets, a built in bench seat with plenty of grab bars to help sturdy aging bodies as well as an adjustable, removable shower head.

When it comes to any age in place remodeling project consider how it will ease your lifestyle.  The list above includes the most common issues seen in homes that are renovating to allow for aging in place.

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