There are a few essential pieces that stand the test of time; think about your favorite blue jeans, that purse that goes with everything, the perfect boots and your go to sweater.  The only thing missing from this list is a pair of diamond studs.  Take any outfit or mood swing, add a bit of sparkle in the form of diamond studs and you can literally go anywhere from the opera to the grocery store.  Diamond earrings literally make everything around them sparkle.  The only question now is how do you go about picking the perfect pair?

First let’s consider what makes diamond studs so appealing.  Legend has it that people once thought diamonds were actually fallen stars because of their brilliance. The manner in which a diamond takes in light and bounces it off of itself is unlike any other gemstone. Diamonds are the most universally sought after stone in the world.

Here are some tips on choosing the right pair of diamond studs.

  • Purchase Real Diamonds:  If you are going to have one pair of earrings that are your go to, perfect earrings to wear on any occasion you want them to be the real deal.  Think about the number of years you will have this one pair of earrings.  If you can’t afford a pair of real diamonds hold off for now.  Find a nice pair of pearls for the time being as they are a budget friendly alternative but start saving.  Skip that latte every day for the next year and before you know it you will have saved enough money to buy real diamond stud earrings.
  • It is so important that the pair of diamonds you choose match one another.  Finding a perfectly matched set of earrings is not going to be a simple task.  You will need to find a jeweler who is skilled in the art of matching diamonds.  You may find it easier to purchase loose diamonds that match and have them set into posts than to find a matching pair at a big box jewelry retailer.  Find a custom jewelry expert and they will understand the importance of a matching set of diamonds for your go to perfect diamond studs.
  • Don’t settle on any of the C’s of diamond buying only buy the best.  The cut, color, clarity and carat are all just as important on a pair of diamond studs as they are on an engagement ring.  Don’t listen to anyone who tells you different.  The sparkle and shine is more brilliant and fiery with top quality diamonds.  A smaller, higher quality diamond will look richer to the naked eye than a larger, lower quality diamond.
  • Size is important with everything including diamonds!  When buying earrings it is important to note that one carat diamond earrings actually means that each earring is a half carat.  They are one carat diamond weight when weighed together.  Make sure you buy the correct sized earrings for your ears.   Larger isn’t always better what does matter is that they sit on your ear the way you envision.  Larger diamond studs have a way of protruding which on smaller ears make look strange.  Choose the carat weight based on what looks good with your earlobes.
  • Show your personal style when choose the cut of your diamond stud earrings.  Round solitaire diamonds don’t fit every girl’s personality.  There are a variety of cuts to choose from.  Make sure you base your selection off your personal look.  Consider the cut of your engagement ring also.  Many women find it is ideal for the two to match.

Take your time when purchasing a piece of jewelry that will be your signature piece.  It make take some time but save for when you find the ideal pair.  It will show in the way you look and feel each and every time you wear them, even if it is only for a trip to the local laundry mat!

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