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Finding The Perfect Charm Bracelet

Choosing jewelry for yourself or for a significant other is all about having lots of choices; nothing gives you more choices then a charm bracelet does.  If you are building a charm bracelet for yourself think about the charms you want to add to your collection.  With so many charms available to choose from you may think it is almost impossible to make a decision.  Here are some tips to consider when choosing charms to create the perfect charm bracelet.

1)      The first thing you need to consider is the type of bracelet that you want to begin with.  The base of any project is a key element.  There are several options including woven bracelets, bracelets made from leather, bracelets from sterling silver, oxidized silver or even gold are other popular options.  Your decision will be based on your budget as well as your personal style.  Each bracelet will offer a different type of clasp and will look different once the charms are on.  Take your time looking for a bracelet base as it is the foundation of the entire piece.

2)      Consider the style you want to create when you are building your bracelet.  A bracelet with one bead color will be subtle and interesting.   Look at beads within the same color pallet with a variety of designs to create an individual flair.  Create a more eclectic look using a mixture of colors, textures, materials and sizes. Mix and match to create something totally unique to you.  Purchase multiple bead sets to create a variety of looks; one funky, one subtle and one go to for everyday use.

3)      Use individual charms to express your individuality.  Pick pieces that take into consideration your hobbies and other things that represent who you are.  A charm bracelet can say a lot about who you are and give people a look into your personality.  If you are looking into individual pieces make sure choose the bracelet base and pieces that fit the overall look of your bracelet.  If you love the look of something nautical consider charms that represent this passion.  Incorporate a variety of charms that also match the color theme to bring it all together and make it a piece you can wear all the time.

Craft a charm bracelet that is fun, interesting and that is able to grow with your style.  The same pieces can be mixed and matched with others as you age and your style changes.  Fashions change throughout the decades; charm bracelets are easily adapted to accommodate these changes.

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Considerations When Looking For The Perfect Necklace

There are a variety of necklaces available on the market today.  When you look at your personal style are you a person who wears one necklace all the time or are you someone who has a necklace for every outfit? When you are looking to purchase a necklace it is important to take several things into consideration.  Below you will find a variety of characteristics to take into account when looking for your next perfect piece.

The Length Of The Necklace

The length of the necklace is super important.  A few inches too short, a few inches too long make a big difference in having the perfect necklace of one that just doesn’t look right.  A short necklace, otherwise known as a choker is suitable for narrow necks.  Chokers are most often worn with low cut, strapless evening wear.  If you are considering a chocker for day wear look for scoop neck shirts. To wear a chocker comfortably measure your neck and add an inch.  If you are purchasing a chocker as a gift it is important to purchase one that is adjustable for different neck sizes.

For a necklace that is to be worn every day consider one that is mid length, between seventeen and twenty four inches.  A medium length necklace that you wish to wear every day can be worn with a variety of style options from low necklines to shirts with higher necklines.

Long necklaces work well for wearers with shorter, thicker necks.  To draw attention away from a double chin a longer necklace works well. When purchasing a long necklace consider how you will wear it.  Will you be wearing it with a few other longer necklaces or doubled up?  Long necklaces turn a boring outfit form one that is simple and plain to something unbelievable.

The Type Of Chain

Metal necklace chains are the most popular on the market.   A thin, fine necklace is perfect for a delicate pendant while a chunky chain is perfect all on its own.  A chain necklace is created from multiple links fitted together.  Box chains and cable chains use identical shaped links to form a simple design.   For a unique piece find chains that use different shaped links combined such as a Figaro chain.

The Clasp Type

There are several types of clasps to choose from.  The thing to look for in a clasp is one that supports the weight of the necklace keeping it in place that can also be easily fastened and undone.  Spring rings and lobster claw clasps are the most common and simple to operate.  A barrel clasp is also commonly used on thicker necklaces.  The barrel clasp is fastened by screwing the two ends together or by pushing one part into the other.

Necklaces are a fun accessory and can be used as statement pieces. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to necklaces.  They can turn a drab outfit into something special.

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Gift Giving Made Simple


Buying gifts for women is often a difficult task for even the most attentive man.  Men often are taking a complete stab in the dark when it comes to surprising their significant other.  It is best to take the guess work out of gift giving.

If you find yourself always at a loss when it is time to purchase a gift for your loved one there are a few things you can do to help yourself.  One of those things is to start a small notebook with ideas that come to you as you are out and about together.  We all drop hints that we hope our loved ones are taking note of.  The problem lies within the fact that we don’t have the ability to recall them when we need to.  Keeping a small notebook around to write down those hints when they are dropped will help you when the time comes that you need to purchase a gift.

Another tip that my spouse and I find helpful is to send little emails when we think of something we want but would never purchase for ourselves.  When you are looking online you often find items that spark your interest and that you think about owning.  This is the perfect time to take a snap shot and send a little note to your partner; they will appreciate it as will you when you see those little reminders in your email when you need gift ideas for them.

There are a few qualified standbys’ that always work when you find yourself in a bind.  Of course it depends on the occasion but there are a few gifts that always work, ideas that won’t burden your pocket book and won’t need to be returned.

A sentimental gift that always works is a card with a note attached.  Some men assume this is a cheap cop out type of gift but as a woman we don’t see it as that.  A hand written note inside a lovely card is the best gift we can receive.  Tell us how you feel about us, explain the thousands of reasons you love us as a couple and express your feelings about our relationship.  Better yet make a box of small notes for us to open on a variety of occasions.  Expressing your feelings in a written message is one of the most romantic gestures ever.

Another gift that never gets old is jewelry.  Honestly anything works with us; it doesn’t have to be diamonds and gold.  Shopping for jewelry online you can truly find a plethora of options in jewelry.  Even small pieces of costume jewelry are amazing gifts for us.  We love jewelry.  It accessorizes all aspects of us and brings happiness.  Chocolate, flowers, perfume and gift certificates work as well, trust me!

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The Many Benefits Of Shopping Online For Jewelry

Shopping online has so many benefits.  People are buying everything from furniture to toilet paper online.  With the convenience of shopping from your home it is possible to make more significant purchases such as jewelry including wedding and engagement bands.  When you are looking to buying jewelry online there are a few basic guideline to live by to make sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

When you are shopping for jewelry online the process can not only be safe but completely worthwhile as well as long as you take some precautions before making the purchase.  Before you buy the piece compare items between online locations.  You will be sure to get the best price and can work with a trusted jeweler.  Call the number on the website and talk with the owner before you purchase a piece if you want to.  Calling the jeweler is another way to ensure you are buying from someone who will be there to answer your questions should they arise.

Tips For Buying Jewelry Online

1.       Understand the Companies Return Policy

Shopping online requires a larger amount of responsibility on the buyers end. Once you have located a piece of jewelry you like it is important to look into the jewelers return policy.  It is important that you only purchase jewelry from a store that offers at least a thirty day, money back guarantee for returning pieces that were purchased online.  Remember that pieces that have been altered in any manner, sizing, engraving or what not may have special restrictions.  Make sure to read the fine print or call the customer service number to get clarification.

2.       How Available Is The Company

The company should be completely transparent.  You should be able to locate a phone number, address and email address on the website easily.  Look not only for a defined contact page but also an about us page.  Find out who the company is that you are buying from before you make a purchase.  Clearly see how the company defines doing business.  Take a look at the company’s blog pages and social media pages.  If you can’t find out a lot of information without having to dig deeply it is probably not the most trustworthy place to purchase jewelry from.

3.       Check The Websites Security

Be sure the company that you are working with is secure when it comes to handling your credit card information.  Ask if you are unsure if the company is PCI complaint, which means the website’s server and internal networks are scanned regularly for vulnerabilities.  This is a large indicator of how they ultimately run their entire business.

4.       Purchase With A Credit Card That Backs Your Purchases

When you are buying anything online it is important to make sure that you make your purchase with a credit card that will back your purchases.  Many credit card companies now a days will offer you protection against purchase you make with the credit card if they prove to not be as described or for other reasons that the product does not live up to your expectations.

Shopping online is fun, easy and convenient.  Take your time to full research the company and jewelry products you purchase shopping online.  This will guarantee a successful purchase each and every time you shop online.

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Understanding The 5Cs In When Buying Gemstone Jewelry Online

The 5Cs, commonly known for selecting the perfect diamond are also the key to choosing gemstones.  In order to find a gemstone piece that is perfect it is important that you learn about the 5Cs: color, cut, clarity, carat weight and cost.  When you understand how each plays into the purchase of a stone you will more likely to choose something exquisite.

Let’s begin with the color of a stone.   A tone that is vibrant and vivid is the most sought after gemstone.  For instance, when we look at the red in rubies a bright blood red ruby will likely be more expensive and sought after than those which are saturated and deeper red in color.  Of course the color of the stone is not the only parameter that plays a role in choosing a stone.  It is however, the first characteristic that is seen therefore tops the list of priorities for selecting a piece.

Next, think about the cut of the stone. The cut of the stone is essential to allow for the reflection of light through the gemstone.  A stone that is able to reflect a lot of light and the brilliance of the stone is able to shine through will be more sought after then cuts that don’t allow for a lot of light to penetrate.  There are a variety of cuts to choose from: round solitaire, marquise, oval, pear, emerald, princess, cushion, square, heart, triangle, and more.

The clarity of the gemstone is crucial as well.  A stone free of blemishes and visible imperfections will be pricier than one with obvious imperfections.   Depending on the size and number of inclusions will significantly increase or decrease the value of a gemstone.  Most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.  To determine the clarity of a stone it is important to have your stone analyzed by your jeweler.

Carat weight is another measurement in which to judge a gemstone on.  Larger gemstones will go for more than smaller stones.  The price will increase or decrease taking into consideration the other 5Cs as well.  A small stone free of all imperfections will fetch more than a large carat weight stone with multiple imperfections, bad color and an odd shape.

The cost is important to consider as well. Depending on your budget and which of the 5Cs you hold as the most important will help you chose a gemstone that is perfect.  Tell the jeweler your budget and what you see as important and they will find a range of different pieces that fall within it.  You can find pieces that are small and perfect, pieces that are medium sized and a bit more imperfect and then larger stones with flaws.  You will choose based on what is important to you the size of the stone or the perfection of the stone.

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Shopping For Jewelry Online

Options in jewelry range from custom, designer pieces to plastic costume pieces.  Jewerly preferences are just as unique as the individual that is looking to wear each piece.  Budgets are different for each purchaser and therefore play a large role in what type of jewelry is purchased as well.  There are a number of designers that create pieces that become popular stapes in our culture.  One of the issues with that is that not everyone can justify the price tag that comes with the designer name placed on their pieces.  This is when it becomes necessary to look into more affordable options that look just like the more expensive brand name pieces.

One option when looking into discount jewelry that resembles designer name brand pieces is to look into jewelry options online.  Many online jewelers offer replicas of popular, iconic, designer pieces incredibly reasonably while maintaining the quality in metal as well as the procedures used to create the pieces.

As far as the jewelry market is concerned it is an incredibly complex market filled with a variety of different types of jewelry to cater to all women’s tastes.  When you look online you can find a variety of necklaces in a wide assortment of styles, materials, lengths and more.  The same is true of earrings, bracelets, rings and jewelry of all assortments.

Online shopping for jewelry allows you to choose from and search from an array of websites at one time.  Stop wasting time going from store to store in search of the perfect pieces of jewelry instead shop online.  Online jewelers have sections within their sites that allow you to contact the business owner to ask questions about the product.  This is a convenient way to find out more about the product you are inquiring about as well as the availability, shipping, warranty, payment options and so much more.

Instead of standing in line, online jewelry shopping offers the convenience of service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Options online may also come with special discounts or sales.  When you don’t have the overhead of large superstore jeweler you can provide your customers with the best pricing available.  The normal expenses that large stores have such as heating, lighting, employees and general overhead are done away with, thus allowing online jewelers to pass the savings on to their customers.

The advantages of buying jewelry online outweigh the extra expense that comes along with designer brand names.  Seek to find a reputable online retailer that looks to provide the best customer service and options in jewelry.  Once you feel this has been achieved you will find yourself shopping only online for all of your future jewelry pieces.

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Jewelry Options For Your Winter Wedding

What could be more gorgeous than a winter bride?  The winter season leaves a blanket of white, glittery snow on the ground and rooftops.  It is an absolutely fabulous time of the year to get married.  Winter weddings are incredibly romantic and tend to be some of the most beautiful.

Winter brides are able to use rich, luxurious color blends while spring and summer brides do better with bright color pallets.  The rich colors that can be used in winter weddings inspire romance. The dark reds, deep greens, navy blues and rich plums against the winter whites white bring out an amazing visual experience.

Winter brides wearing winter white enhanced with a rich pallet need just the right jewelry to help them stand out and perhaps sparkle brightly.  Pearls are a wonderful match for brides hosting a wedding in the winter.  Pearls are a very traditional choice for bridal jewelry.  Pearls all have unique shades all their own that allow them to work well with a variety of skin tones.

If you are a bride that is less than traditional go for something a bit more sparkly.  Swarovski crystals are a wonderful option in bridal jewelry for the bride that is looking for a bit more.  The crystals along with the sparkle of frozen icicles and glistening snow are sure to be show stoppers.

If you wish to blend a bit of traditional with a bit of glitz go for a combination of warm pearls and shimmering Swarovski crystals.  The two together are a perfect combination and work well as winter bridal jewelry.

When planning a winter wedding the bride’s jewelry isn’t the only thing to contemplate.  The bridesmaid’s will be wearing such rich, luxurious colors and their wedding jewelry should be something just as spectacular.  If your bridesmaids are in rich red consider rubies, if you are considering deep green look for rich emeralds.

Winter Christmas colors make beautiful gemstone jewelry.  One option is to choose simple, rich dresses and pair them with sensational gemstone necklaces, drop earrings and bracelets.  The dresses color will speak volumes and only be enhanced with the amazing gemstone tones.  The bridesmaids are sure to look stunning and will only enhance the bride as they are standing beside her.

As a winter bride, let the color pallet of the season guide your overall wedding style.  Winter, snow and ice all add such a special romantic vibe to the air.  The winter season is truly a wonderful time to plan a wedding.  Significance is found all around you throughout the holiday season.  This will only be enhanced by marrying your soul mate and sharing in the spirit of both occasions: a winter wedding and the holiday season.

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Seasonal Changes With Your Jewelry

Your wardrobe goes through seasonal changes.  Not only the style of clothing you wear but also the colors of the clothing you wear.  This in turn calls for a change in your jewelry wardrobe as well.  We have put together a number of tips to help you when it comes to adding accessories to your attire throughout the seasonal changes.

With the winter season we are all about layers when it comes to our clothing choices.  The season brings in colder temperatures that are accessorized with the sparkling snow and shiny ice.  The focus is on the twinkle and glitter seen throughout the winter season.  This same tone can be taken with your jewelry.  Add that cascading ruby gemstone necklace when getting ready for your holiday party.  Those emerald drop earrings add something unique to any outfit.  Pull out the pieces you have been saving in the back of the Jewerly box.   The winter season is the time to pull out all those special pieces.

The spring season is all about new life and bringing in the freshness of the season.  Spring is most usually associated with the colors of Easter.  Pastel colors and delicate designs are what you will find in jewelry selections for spring.  Think about nature when choosing your spring time jewelry.  Sterling silver looks beautiful when paired with pastel colors.  Look for tear drop earrings, butterfly pendants and pieces inspired by the natural designs of spring coming to life.  Think feminine jewelry paired with spring floral patterns and prints.

Moving into summer we are inspired by the sunshine and water, think vacation.  Explore different textures and materials.  Long layered beads with lots of color are perfect additions to your summertime wardrobe.  Keep away from heavy, over done jewelry when choosing pieces for the summer.

The fall is the perfect time for rich, warm colors.  Choose pieces of jewelry that look well with high necks and fall sweaters.  Statement rings are perfect for the fall.  If you are looking for something a bit more classic go for sterling silver bracelets and pearls.  Gold tones also look amazing with fall colors as well.  Fall is really the time when traditional, classic pieces tend to fit in best with your jewelry wardrobe.

Just remember that your jewelry wardrobe should also match your own personal style.  It is a lot like your clothing.  It is important that you see yourself in everything you wear from accessories to outerwear.

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Proposals Using Winter as Your Backdrop Part 2

Winter is the perfect time to propose to that special someone who has taken hold of your heart and refuses to let go.  In our previous post we listed a number of winter time proposals that were sure to melt your soul mates heart.  There were just so many great submissions that we thought we would share some more.

Christmas proposals are popular because they tend to offer the perfect timing for a summer wedding.  If you are going to pop the question at the holiday why not recruit good ole saint Nicholas in on the fun?  Santa is magical to all of us young and old.  His mission is to make holiday dreams come true.  More likely than not if you have been dating some time and are seriously committed this is her holiday dream! Incorporate Santa into a date.  Often times the holidays bring with them light displays that end with Santa.  This is a perfect proposal opportunity.  Have Santa all set up with the ring and when the time is right get down on one knee and propose.  Better yet, have her venture out with some friends and surprise her dressed as Santa!

Another popular holiday proposal tradition is during the New Year festivities.  The nice part about this type of proposal is that it can occur with friends all around and a celebration already in progress.  Let your imagination go wild with a New Year’s Eve proposal.  Classic proposals may include a ring in champagne or chocolate dipped strawberries with a side of diamond engagement ring.  Unique proposals may include adding the ring to a party favor that she pops open at the crack of midnight!

Another winter holiday that should not be forgotten is Valentine’s Day.  This one day is all about love so what better way to use it to your advantage then to pull off a stunning, one of a kind proposal.  This holiday is perfect for any type of girl introvert or extrovert.  For an outgoing girl plan a desert party with a group of your couple friends.  Have everyone over to your home, bringing a dessert and some beverages to share.  With everyone there and having a great time, dim the lights and have your favorite song play on your stereo system.  Clear a space on the floor and ask her to dance while everyone is watching.  At the end of the dance kneel down and propose with the engagement ring in one hand and hers in your other.

For a girl who is more introverted the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal should be centered on just the two of you.  Plan a day of firsts or a day revisiting your firsts.  At the end of the night ask her to join you for desert or for a glass of wine.  When the conversation is perfect and the moment is just right stop and quietly get down on one knee.  Be sure not to cause a scene.  For an introvert the last thing they want is to be the center of attention.

No matter how you propose this winter season we hope that some of these ideas help you find the perfect way to give her the moment she has been dreaming of her entire life!

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Proposals Using Winter as Your Backdrop Part 1

The cold and snow is upon us here in the North.  With this comes the holiday season and of course holiday proposals.  Now that you have found your soul mate and the engagement ring of her dreams it is time for the perfect proposal.  Below you will find a variety of ideas to make your moment special and one that she will remember and share for a lifetime.

What is more romantic to a women who loves winter more than an outdoor proposal?  Take her snow shoeing or out for a winter hike on your favorite trail.  Before you go venture out on your own and put in place signs that ask her to be your wife one word at a time along the trail.  At the last sign use food coloring and water to write out, “Will you marry me” in the snow.

Another proposal that is unique and uses Christmas lights is to take them and spell out “Marry Me?” on the roof.  Sync lights up on the home that play to your song, she will think that is the big surprise.  At the end of song have the house lights go dark and the roof lights turn on!  I promise she will be blown away.

Another option for a winter enthusiast is taking her for a wonderful day on the slopes, cross country skiing, sledding or ice skating.  Spend the day with one another sharing in a winter activity you both enjoy.  At the end of the date suggest warming up with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate at a nearby coffee shop. Have the shop in on your big surprise and present her with a cup of her favorite beverage.  Under the cup on the small plate have them write out, “Will you marry me?” She won’t need the beverage to warm her up anymore that is guaranteed!

A horse drawn carriage ride through snow hills.  Need I say more?  Take a warm blanket, thermos with cocoa and that sparkly diamond engagement ring you choose!  Have the driver take you through the hills, by cottages with Christmas lights and really up the ambiance. Wait for just the right moment and have the driver pause the carriage.  If the driver is up for it you can have them get some pictures of the big moment.  Get off the carriage, help her as well and kneel down into the snow.  This is a surefire way to have her melting into a puddle.

The best thing with all of these proposals is that the engagement ring will sparkle something amazing with the snow as a backdrop!  The moment is about leaving her speechless and these are some perfect ways to make just that happen.

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