The 5Cs, commonly known for selecting the perfect diamond are also the key to choosing gemstones.  In order to find a gemstone piece that is perfect it is important that you learn about the 5Cs: color, cut, clarity, carat weight and cost.  When you understand how each plays into the purchase of a stone you will more likely to choose something exquisite.

Let’s begin with the color of a stone.   A tone that is vibrant and vivid is the most sought after gemstone.  For instance, when we look at the red in rubies a bright blood red ruby will likely be more expensive and sought after than those which are saturated and deeper red in color.  Of course the color of the stone is not the only parameter that plays a role in choosing a stone.  It is however, the first characteristic that is seen therefore tops the list of priorities for selecting a piece.

Next, think about the cut of the stone. The cut of the stone is essential to allow for the reflection of light through the gemstone.  A stone that is able to reflect a lot of light and the brilliance of the stone is able to shine through will be more sought after then cuts that don’t allow for a lot of light to penetrate.  There are a variety of cuts to choose from: round solitaire, marquise, oval, pear, emerald, princess, cushion, square, heart, triangle, and more.

The clarity of the gemstone is crucial as well.  A stone free of blemishes and visible imperfections will be pricier than one with obvious imperfections.   Depending on the size and number of inclusions will significantly increase or decrease the value of a gemstone.  Most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.  To determine the clarity of a stone it is important to have your stone analyzed by your jeweler.

Carat weight is another measurement in which to judge a gemstone on.  Larger gemstones will go for more than smaller stones.  The price will increase or decrease taking into consideration the other 5Cs as well.  A small stone free of all imperfections will fetch more than a large carat weight stone with multiple imperfections, bad color and an odd shape.

The cost is important to consider as well. Depending on your budget and which of the 5Cs you hold as the most important will help you chose a gemstone that is perfect.  Tell the jeweler your budget and what you see as important and they will find a range of different pieces that fall within it.  You can find pieces that are small and perfect, pieces that are medium sized and a bit more imperfect and then larger stones with flaws.  You will choose based on what is important to you the size of the stone or the perfection of the stone.

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