Winter takes a beating on homeowners in the north and northeast. From rain, to snow to ice we have experienced it all with temperatures that have broke records. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your home. It is crucial that homeowners take the time to prepare their homes for the beating winter can have on them.

Whether your home is in need of general maintenance of major repairs here are some particulars to look into. You want to avoid the expensive repairs, like a new roof, so maintenance is key. If you aren’t up to the challenge as a homeowner, regular maintenance can be taken care of by a local professional handyman.Handyman services can be found locally and for reasonably.

One of the first major challenges in homeownership is to keep your gutters and downspouts clean and clear of debris. This is especially challenging in the north where trees and pines are losing leaves and needles. When your gutters and downspouts are clogged they will not work properly. This is a disaster for homeowners no matter the season. The reason it is so crucial to enter the winter season with clean gutters and downspouts is due to ice damage. If water is allowed to build up and freeze in your gutters damage is going to occur. Damage will not only occur to your gutters and downspouts but most likely your homes shingle roofing as well. A handyman will come out and clear your gutters and downspouts at an affordable rate. If you are looking to install gutter guard to prevent leaf build up, a handyman will surely install this as well for a small fee.

Concrete is another major piece of your home that is usually forgotten when it comes to maintenance. This is a large area of concern and leaving it until a crack is too large to ignore is too late. Concrete patios, driveways and walkways will move and settle. When this occurs any damage needs to be filled in with concrete filler to prevent further growth and damage to the structural integrity. All cracks in the concrete should be filled and sealed appropriately before winter sets in. If this does not occur you may find yourself with cracks that have widened a great deal in the spring.

The roof is a major component of your home. To ensure that the structure of your home maintains its integrity it is important that the roof is inspected and maintained. Twice yearly maintenance and repairs should be done on a roof that shows signs of wear. A leaky or damaged roof can be a disaster to any homeowner. Hire a professional handyman to inspect your homes roof. They are schooled in the signs that your roof needs repairs or that it is headed towards the end of its life expectancy. They also can save you from having to climb up on the roof and meander around.

When it comes to your home maintenance is the key element that will keep you away from repairs that spell disaster to most homeowner’s budgets. Hiring a local handyman once a year is beneficial and can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Maintenance is always preferred over complete renovations.

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