Choosing jewelry for yourself or for a significant other is all about having lots of choices; nothing gives you more choices then a charm bracelet does.  If you are building a charm bracelet for yourself think about the charms you want to add to your collection.  With so many charms available to choose from you may think it is almost impossible to make a decision.  Here are some tips to consider when choosing charms to create the perfect charm bracelet.

1)      The first thing you need to consider is the type of bracelet that you want to begin with.  The base of any project is a key element.  There are several options including woven bracelets, bracelets made from leather, bracelets from sterling silver, oxidized silver or even gold are other popular options.  Your decision will be based on your budget as well as your personal style.  Each bracelet will offer a different type of clasp and will look different once the charms are on.  Take your time looking for a bracelet base as it is the foundation of the entire piece.

2)      Consider the style you want to create when you are building your bracelet.  A bracelet with one bead color will be subtle and interesting.   Look at beads within the same color pallet with a variety of designs to create an individual flair.  Create a more eclectic look using a mixture of colors, textures, materials and sizes. Mix and match to create something totally unique to you.  Purchase multiple bead sets to create a variety of looks; one funky, one subtle and one go to for everyday use.

3)      Use individual charms to express your individuality.  Pick pieces that take into consideration your hobbies and other things that represent who you are.  A charm bracelet can say a lot about who you are and give people a look into your personality.  If you are looking into individual pieces make sure choose the bracelet base and pieces that fit the overall look of your bracelet.  If you love the look of something nautical consider charms that represent this passion.  Incorporate a variety of charms that also match the color theme to bring it all together and make it a piece you can wear all the time.

Craft a charm bracelet that is fun, interesting and that is able to grow with your style.  The same pieces can be mixed and matched with others as you age and your style changes.  Fashions change throughout the decades; charm bracelets are easily adapted to accommodate these changes.

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