Shopping online has so many benefits.  People are buying everything from furniture to toilet paper online.  With the convenience of shopping from your home it is possible to make more significant purchases such as jewelry including wedding and engagement bands.  When you are looking to buying jewelry online there are a few basic guideline to live by to make sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

When you are shopping for jewelry online the process can not only be safe but completely worthwhile as well as long as you take some precautions before making the purchase.  Before you buy the piece compare items between online locations.  You will be sure to get the best price and can work with a trusted jeweler.  Call the number on the website and talk with the owner before you purchase a piece if you want to.  Calling the jeweler is another way to ensure you are buying from someone who will be there to answer your questions should they arise.

Tips For Buying Jewelry Online

1.       Understand the Companies Return Policy

Shopping online requires a larger amount of responsibility on the buyers end. Once you have located a piece of jewelry you like it is important to look into the jewelers return policy.  It is important that you only purchase jewelry from a store that offers at least a thirty day, money back guarantee for returning pieces that were purchased online.  Remember that pieces that have been altered in any manner, sizing, engraving or what not may have special restrictions.  Make sure to read the fine print or call the customer service number to get clarification.

2.       How Available Is The Company

The company should be completely transparent.  You should be able to locate a phone number, address and email address on the website easily.  Look not only for a defined contact page but also an about us page.  Find out who the company is that you are buying from before you make a purchase.  Clearly see how the company defines doing business.  Take a look at the company’s blog pages and social media pages.  If you can’t find out a lot of information without having to dig deeply it is probably not the most trustworthy place to purchase jewelry from.

3.       Check The Websites Security

Be sure the company that you are working with is secure when it comes to handling your credit card information.  Ask if you are unsure if the company is PCI complaint, which means the website’s server and internal networks are scanned regularly for vulnerabilities.  This is a large indicator of how they ultimately run their entire business.

4.       Purchase With A Credit Card That Backs Your Purchases

When you are buying anything online it is important to make sure that you make your purchase with a credit card that will back your purchases.  Many credit card companies now a days will offer you protection against purchase you make with the credit card if they prove to not be as described or for other reasons that the product does not live up to your expectations.

Shopping online is fun, easy and convenient.  Take your time to full research the company and jewelry products you purchase shopping online.  This will guarantee a successful purchase each and every time you shop online.

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