After repairing hundreds of computers it is evident that the most common computer issues arise when clueless computer users try to navigate fixing their computer issues on their own.  Many people don’t realize how delicate computer systems are.   When doing repairs on your computer you are basically performing surgery.  Would you ever try to perform surgery on one of your children or pets?  Probably not, right?  The same should be true when it comes to repairing your pc.  Allowing a professional computer technician to work on your computer allows you to be confident that the repairs will be completed correctly.  You also don’t have to worry about other issues occurring from the repairs that are completed.

Here are some tips to keep your computer in tip top shape.

1)      General computer maintenance and yearly tune ups on your system help to prevent major complications and computer repairs later on.  Taking proper care of your machine will help to keep your computer running longer and faster.  Don’t download extra tool bars or allow random pop ups to download software to your computer.  All that does is bog your computer down and possibly infect your system with malware.

2)      It’s called a lap top but that doesn’t mean it should be set on your lap while you are using it.  Using your laptop on a comforter or other cushy surface will restrict air circulation and cause the computer to overheat.  Use the nubs on the base of the computer to place the laptop on a hard surface.  You can purchase special that have a cushy base with a hard top to use especially for when you want to use your lap top in bed.

3)      Another thing that many lap top users do is put their laptop into the carrying case before the computer has completely shut down.  This is hard on your computers hard drive and memory.  Wait until the computer has shut down completely before moving it about and placing it in a bag.

4)      Laptops work best if they are not left plugged in at all times.  Leaving a laptop plugged in at all times diminishes the life of the battery and does not allow it to function as it is intended.  Try taking your computer off the charger at least two to three times a week and use the battery as the only source of power.  This will ensure the computer is being worked in the manner it was intended to and will increase the longevity of the battery life and performance of the system.

5)      Dust is another frequent issue with computers.  This is something that can easily be avoided with yearly tune ups.  If you see that your system is getting a bit bogged down with dirt and dust take it in and have the system tuned up.  Never try to blow the dust out on your own at home.  This can lead to dust clogging up areas that are important within the computer system.

Computer repairs are meant to be accomplished by computer technicians just as surgery is to be performed by surgeons.  Be sure to really understand and know what you are doing before you attempt any computer repairs at home and realize that you are probably causing yourself a bigger headache for the technician who has to fix your repairs later on.

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