The cold and snow is upon us here in the North.  With this comes the holiday season and of course holiday proposals.  Now that you have found your soul mate and the engagement ring of her dreams it is time for the perfect proposal.  Below you will find a variety of ideas to make your moment special and one that she will remember and share for a lifetime.

What is more romantic to a women who loves winter more than an outdoor proposal?  Take her snow shoeing or out for a winter hike on your favorite trail.  Before you go venture out on your own and put in place signs that ask her to be your wife one word at a time along the trail.  At the last sign use food coloring and water to write out, “Will you marry me” in the snow.

Another proposal that is unique and uses Christmas lights is to take them and spell out “Marry Me?” on the roof.  Sync lights up on the home that play to your song, she will think that is the big surprise.  At the end of song have the house lights go dark and the roof lights turn on!  I promise she will be blown away.

Another option for a winter enthusiast is taking her for a wonderful day on the slopes, cross country skiing, sledding or ice skating.  Spend the day with one another sharing in a winter activity you both enjoy.  At the end of the date suggest warming up with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate at a nearby coffee shop. Have the shop in on your big surprise and present her with a cup of her favorite beverage.  Under the cup on the small plate have them write out, “Will you marry me?” She won’t need the beverage to warm her up anymore that is guaranteed!

A horse drawn carriage ride through snow hills.  Need I say more?  Take a warm blanket, thermos with cocoa and that sparkly diamond engagement ring you choose!  Have the driver take you through the hills, by cottages with Christmas lights and really up the ambiance. Wait for just the right moment and have the driver pause the carriage.  If the driver is up for it you can have them get some pictures of the big moment.  Get off the carriage, help her as well and kneel down into the snow.  This is a surefire way to have her melting into a puddle.

The best thing with all of these proposals is that the engagement ring will sparkle something amazing with the snow as a backdrop!  The moment is about leaving her speechless and these are some perfect ways to make just that happen.

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