Buying gifts for women is often a difficult task for even the most attentive man.  Men often are taking a complete stab in the dark when it comes to surprising their significant other.  It is best to take the guess work out of gift giving.

If you find yourself always at a loss when it is time to purchase a gift for your loved one there are a few things you can do to help yourself.  One of those things is to start a small notebook with ideas that come to you as you are out and about together.  We all drop hints that we hope our loved ones are taking note of.  The problem lies within the fact that we don’t have the ability to recall them when we need to.  Keeping a small notebook around to write down those hints when they are dropped will help you when the time comes that you need to purchase a gift.

Another tip that my spouse and I find helpful is to send little emails when we think of something we want but would never purchase for ourselves.  When you are looking online you often find items that spark your interest and that you think about owning.  This is the perfect time to take a snap shot and send a little note to your partner; they will appreciate it as will you when you see those little reminders in your email when you need gift ideas for them.

There are a few qualified standbys’ that always work when you find yourself in a bind.  Of course it depends on the occasion but there are a few gifts that always work, ideas that won’t burden your pocket book and won’t need to be returned.

A sentimental gift that always works is a card with a note attached.  Some men assume this is a cheap cop out type of gift but as a woman we don’t see it as that.  A hand written note inside a lovely card is the best gift we can receive.  Tell us how you feel about us, explain the thousands of reasons you love us as a couple and express your feelings about our relationship.  Better yet make a box of small notes for us to open on a variety of occasions.  Expressing your feelings in a written message is one of the most romantic gestures ever.

Another gift that never gets old is jewelry.  Honestly anything works with us; it doesn’t have to be diamonds and gold.  Shopping for jewelry online you can truly find a plethora of options in jewelry.  Even small pieces of costume jewelry are amazing gifts for us.  We love jewelry.  It accessorizes all aspects of us and brings happiness.  Chocolate, flowers, perfume and gift certificates work as well, trust me!

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