People wear jewelry on a daily basis.  Very few people realize that they can preserve their jewelry using some forethought.  Follow the steps below in taking care of everything from your finest jewelry to costume pieces.

The first tip in caring for your jewelry is to remove pieces when you are performing tasks that expose the pieces to physical damage or chemicals.  For instance, when you are washing dishes it is best to remove all rings, bracelets and watches.  This helps to prevent soap residue from building up or accidently drowning a watch that is not waterproof.  Other tasks to consider removing jewelry for are gardening, household cleaning, car repairs and other common tasks that are taken on in our daily lives.

Apply makeup, perfume, lotion and hairspray before you put on your jewelry for the day.  All of these products contain chemicals that can cause damage to the gemstones as well as the metal on pieces of jewelry.  Putting jewelry on after you have made yourself up for the day will limit the exposure your jewelry has to these harmful materials and will in turn increase the longevity of your pieces.

When you are planning on going into a swimming pool or spa it is best to take of all of your jewelry and store it in a safe environment.  The chlorine in the water can cause a reaction with certain metals causing a change in color and possible damage to the structure of the piece.  To keep your pieces in top shape it is best to take them off before entering a spa or pool.

During sports is another time it is best to store jewelry.  A hard blow during practice or a game can damage a piece beyond repair not to mention the damage it could cause to someone’s person.  Jewelry of all kinds should be removed before you play any type of sport non-contact or contact.

It is important to remember that your jewelry only gets dirty when worn in the shower.  Many people think that the shower or bath is the ideal environment to clean jewelry.  What people need to remember is that anytime you are using soap of any kind to clean a film can form.  This film is what will make metal less shiny and gemstones dull.  Taking care of jewelry and removing it before you bathe or do any other task involving soap or chemicals will prevent the occasions in which your jewelry needs to be taken in for professional servicing.

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