It is important that you choose a freight company that meets your needs when you are shipping larger items. Less than truckload shipping is a popular option within the freight industry. There are several methods used to ship freight. The one that you choose will depend on a few things such as what you are shipping, when it needs to arrive, if it’s perishable or fragile. Below you will find each method used within the industry. When you are choosing a freight carrier you can choose one or more methods of getting your LTL shipment where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Options for Shipping Freight

Shipping By Road: Trucks are used for large items that can fit into a transport vehicle. This method is most often used when travel from one location to another is convenient. It is however, one of the slowest methods in shipping so time should not be a factor when shipping by road.

Shipping By Rail: When you have a large cargo shipment that does not fit into a transport vehicle railway is the way to go. Rail is a quick method of shipping large cargo items. When there is a time crunch rail is one of the best shipping methods. Rail is most often used for shipping vehicles, manufacturing goods, equipment and farm supplies.

Shipping By Sea: Shipping by sea is one of the most cost effective ways to send large shipments. It is also one of the slowest; it takes a lot longer to ship an item via sea over other options in shipping. Larger vehicles, industrial vehicles, heavy machinery, manufacturing vehicles and more are shipped by sea.

Shipping By Air: Using an airplane to ship is another option. This method is used to get goods to remote locations, when there are no time constraints, there are no roads or routes to the location or your shipment needs to go to another country.

Consider the type of shipment you are sending as well. If you are shipping perishable items or hazardous items you will want to be sure the carrier you select is equipped to handle it. Some companies will not ship these items that need to be handled with special care.

You will also want to look into the companies shipping track record when choosing a shipper. Make sure they are reliable, honest and have a solid customer service record. Also check to the carrier’s damage history. Carriers that offer 24/7 support is preferred over those that are only offer support during normal business hours.

The shipping rates and transportation methods carriers’ use are important as well. LTL freight shipping can be complex but when you take your time to understand the process and research freight carriers you will come out on top.

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