Homeowners give a variety of reasons to why they are installing a fence.  Some are interested in keeping the family dog in the yard; others are looking for more privacy while some are looking to block the unpleasant view of the neighbor’s junk collection.  Others may want to protect their family from intruders or to safeguard a pool.  When it comes to choosing a fence there are a variety of materials and styles to choose from.  In order to find a fence that fills the need you must first know what you are looking to achieve with the installation of the fence.  That is the first question homeowners must answer when buying a fence.

After understanding why the fence is needed it is important to ensure you are following all of the rules that are in place for installing the fence.  The fence you choose is not only governed by the style you want.  It must meet local zoning codes, HOA regulations and with pool fencing the rules set forth by the B.O.C.A. (Building Officials and Code Administrators).  Many HOA’s regulate the materials used as well as the height of fencing installed throughout the neighborhood.  These rules are in place to keep continuity throughout the neighborhood and to ensure that the fencing that is installed is not an eyesore.

Once you have an understanding of what purpose the fence serves as well as the rules you are ready to start the buying process. Wholesale fencing online is a great way to go if you are looking to save money.  Online wholesale fence manufacturers offer customer service support by phone, email and chat.  Most representatives are experts in fencing and can help you through the design, order and installation process.

Wholesale aluminum fencing is an incredibly popular option.  Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of styles, colors, heights and serves multiple purposes as far as fencing goes.  Aluminum fencing offers a maintenance free upkeep routine as well as a warranty that exceeds all other fences.

Another major benefit of purchasing wholesale aluminum fencing is that it is easy to install.  Aluminum fencing comes in sections that are preassembled.  Even the most novice do it yourselfer can decipher the instructions that come with aluminum fencing.  On average it takes about ten to fifteen hours to properly install a new aluminum fence.  This is a job that can be started and finished within one weekend.  Make sure the online wholesale aluminum fence suppliers that you purchase your fence from offers installations consultations.  The savings on the installation of your fence means you can purchase the upgraded aluminum fencing without blowing the budget out of proportion.

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