When it is time for your business, no matter how large or small, to find an efficient way to ship less than truckload freight there are a number of factors to consider.  Listed below are just a few considerations to take into account when looking to save your company money while still providing excellent customer services and LTL shipping services

First consider transit time.  When it comes to shipping your goods from your place of business to your customers, or the time it takes to receive goods from a vendor consider the amount of time you that is works most efficiently for your business. If you need goods shipped quickly you will need regional and multi-regional shippers over long haul shippers which offer longer transit times.  Take into consideration that shorter routes don’t cover the distance longer routes do so if the goods need to be sent a fair distance from where they are this may not be an option for you.

Consider the geographic coverage that is available with the LTL shippers you are looking into for your less than truckload shipping needs.  Most LTL freight carriers ship regionally with direct pick-up and delivery services. When you understand the area in which your LTL shipper ships to and from you are better able to find a carrier that suits your company’s exact shipping needs.

When deciding upon an LTL carrier look at their service performance record.  On time pick up and on time delivery are two very different things when it comes to customer satisfaction.  Both equally important however measured differently.  Note that most services can be guaranteed by carriers by paying an additional expense. Check with carriers that you are considering for your businesses shipping needs to locate a shipper that has at least a ninety percent on time delivery and pick up history with in the areas that your business services.

Before you sign on the dotted line with any LTL shipping freight carriers check out the amount of liability insurance coverage that they provide.  Reputable carriers will offer coverage equivalent to ten dollars per pound being shipped.  This is a base rate.  Insurance coverage can be increased with different premiums.  Many things will come into play when looking at insurance coverage options available for your LTL shipments including whether you are shipping new or used goods, different freight classifications as well as the care needed throughout the shipping process.  Items that are incredibly fragile, easily perishable or extra-large will require special handling.

The last consideration after all of this is factors involving pricing.  Many companies find this to be the most important factor of all however in my opinion this is the least important factors as all.  When it comes to pricing the true price of shipping comes after the consideration of the above as well as discounts, base rates and net price.  A discount of sixty eight percent at one carrier could be less of a net price than a discount of eighty percent through another LTL service carrier.

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