When your computer is infected by a virus or other malware there can be huge security risk to the data stored within your computer including a lot of personal information.  It can also have extreme effects on the performance of your computer and hardware as well as the fact that is can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.  Computer viruses are difficult to get rid of and virus removal on computers is incredibly tricky and should be left up to computer repair specialist.  If you have a nasty computer virus infecting your computer here are some proven ways to save your computer.

The first step in any and all virus removal techniques is to backup all of the data on your computer.  This should happen before the virus removal process starts.  This will help to make sure that the data is backed up and that anything of value will not be lost if in fact the computer needs to be reformatted.  This will allow you and your business to get up and running without a lot of time invested.

If you are trying to remove the virus on your own without computer help or a virus removal technician the next step is to check for outside factors that could be slowing down your computer and giving it the same effect that would occur if it is in fact infected with a computer virus.   Some issue that could affect your computer if indeed is not a computer virus would be issues with memory, storage, adware and of course any number of issues.  Hardware and failing hard drives could also slow down a computer and corrupt the files on the computer giving the same effect as a computer virus would.

Having anti-virus protection installed is super important when it comes to protecting your computer and eliminating computer viruses.  When one does slip through however there are a number of things to do to remove the threat from your computer. There are a number of free and paid versions of anti-virus computer protection that can be installed on your computer to keep it out of harm’s way.  Consider options such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky and BitDefender.

You will also download a number of anti-malware programs that will allow you to scan your computer to eliminate any potential threats  These programs pick up things that anti-virus protection do not always catch.  Consider Malwarebytes Anti Malware as well as Adwcleaner and Spybot S&D.  Having and installing a variety of anti-malware programs will allow you to eliminate hazardous programs, tool bars, down loads and so much more before you install them on to your hard drive.

If the virus is affecting your ability to download these programs then you will need to use a USB card to install them.  The problem is that most serious infections have already overtaken your computer and need professional computer virus removal.  Once you have done this and the virus is removed then having these programs and using them regularly will keep your computer free of viruses.

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