Green lush lawn is something all homeowners dream of.  Summertime is filled with backyard picnics and serves as the backdrop for many games of bocce ball and horseshoes. Whether you hire a professional lawn care company or you do it yourself here are some things to consider in your quest to have the perfect lawn.

The first rule whether your lawn is mowed by a professional landscaping company or by you yourself is the one third rule.  The one third rule states that cutting more than a third of the grass blades length with cause undue stress to your lawn.  When your lawn is cut too short it can become burnt by the sun and will eventually being incapable of thriving.

The next rule of thumb when it comes to landscaping, lawn care and the length of your blades of grass it is pertinent to understand that the longer your grass the deeper the grass roots will be.  Roots that are deep within the soil will withstand times of drought better, as well as pests and diseases.

When it comes to mowing your lawn and the lawns appearance a sharp mower blade will help.  Clean cut grass with a sharp mower blade gives your home and landscape the curb appeal all homeowners’ desire.

The next step in having a healthy lawn is to fertilize.  Fertilizer gives your lawns appearance a fresh, green, crisp look.  The time to apply fertilizer will defer between areas so it is crucial that you check with a lawn care professional to ensure that you are applying fertilizer at the correct time of year to obtain the best results possible.

When it comes to diagnosing problems within your lawn consult with a professional lawn care provider.  A number of issues arise with lawns throughout the season including brown spots from fungal diseases or insects.  To care for these areas or to prevent them all together be sure to contact local lawn care professionals for advice on treatment or to conduct proper treatment for your lawns care.

When it comes to watering your landscaping and grass make sure that you are deep watering.  All landscaping needs to be encouraged to develop and grow deep roots.  When watering note that one inch of water is required to actively grow twelve inches of soil.  Deep watering every three days is better for your lawn than infrequent watering every day.

The irrigation of your lawn is just as important as any other piece of your landscaping.  A great way to check to make sure the entire lawn is irrigated properly is to purchase five straight sided cake pans and place them throughout your lawn.  When watering it is important to take note of how much water is accumulating in each pan.  If the pans are getting the same amount of water throughout the lawn you are sure to have adequate irrigation systems in place.  If this is not the case you will want to adjust your sprinkler system or meet with a lawn care specialist to discuss better placement of your lawns watering system.

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