In our last installment we learned that roofing contractors were prepared to handle roofing in all types of different elements, including the cold harsh winter.  We took a look into why it was so important to the main structure of your home to have roof repairs done when they are needed and present a problem.  If left to wait until warm weather moves into the area a small roofing repair could turn into a roofing contractor’s nightmare.

A roofing issue that is commonly seen and easily avoided is ice dams.  These occur when snow melts and water is left to run down the path of the roof.  The water melts the under section of snow and finds crevices that are often undiscovered by a natural rain.  The snow that is closest to the roof melts before the top layer of snow because of the heat loss coming from the home attic which causes a water layer called an ice dam that can present issues.  This is the most common time to find a leak in your roof.  Roofing contractors advise that you prevent ice dams from occurring with a bit of prevention. If you find you are unable to provide these services for yourself call on a licensed roofer and they will offer assistance in clearing potential ice dam issues.

professional roofing contractor can replace an entire roof no matter what weather conditions exist.  Even in the above example with ice freezing under shingles it is possible to replace your homes roof.  They break the projects down into categories; flat roofs are the easiest in the winter, shingle roofs are the next best option in winter roofing and lastly the hard winter roof replacement which are neither flat nor dependent upon tar for adhering.

Flat roofs are easy because of the process that is used to install them.  Residential flat roofs adhere using two different methods: one that uses a torch to adhere the roof to the base surface and those that mechanically attach.  Either system can be installed no matter what the outside temperature is.

Shingle roofing, which is seen on most homes in the North, are those that see the most damage in the winter time.  When hiring a contractor to replace your homes roof in the winter there are a few precautions to take.  Winter roofing can be done and is safe but should only be done by roofers who understand the special requirements that need to be taken.  The roofer must understand the settings needed during the winter when using their nail guns.  A winter roofing contractor must never over drive the roofing fasteners. The pressure on the nail gun must be set to prevent the nail from going too far into the material.  It is also important that the crew understands how to prevent low nail.  Dust can change everything when it comes to your roof so be sure the contractor takes into consideration the outside surroundings before winter roofing begins.

Roofing that is considered difficult use metal roofing, slate, composites and cedar shakes.  They can’t rely on being seamless after installation and don’t have the benefit of being held in place with a tar strip.  They are installed with the use of clips, screws and nails.    Roofing with these materials is possible in the winter but does require special care.  Instead of a nail gun the roofer must painstakingly hand nail in the cold.  In high winds, metal roofing is difficult to install as the large panels are easily pulled by the wind.

It is important to remember that roofing in the winter is possible no matter what material roofing you have on your home currently or that you wish to install.  The part that needs to be considered is that you have hired a roofer that is skilled in the special winter weather techniques some roofing materials require when installed in the colder months.

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