Not all home improvement projects can be planned out.  Many homeowners, especially in the North, find their homes in need of roof repair or replacement just as the weather has turned cold.  It is a common thought that roofing renovations can hold off until it warms up however this is not always the case.  Homeowners are not only concerned with the quality of the roofing to be accomplished in the winter but also the inconvenience they perceive roofing in the winter is on roofing contractors. Really the only concern that homeowners need to focus on is making sure that quality roofing can happen in the winter.  If roofers didn’t throughout the winter it would be safe to say that many roofing contractors would be out of business by the spring.  Winter roofing repairs and shingle roof replacements are possible even during the colder winter months.  In this article we will provide answers to winter roofing concerns.

When it comes to roofing jobs there are two categories that projects fall under; roofing repairs and roof replacements.   When it comes to roof repairs any repair needing to be done can be accomplished no matter what the weather is outside.  If you are considered about the seal between shingles not coming together because of the lack of warmth don’t worry as roofing contractors will use a heavy duty caulking to provide the same protection and tight seal.  If the repair is not done and homeowners proceed to let the shingles remain off the roof the damage to the structure that will be done turns a minor repair into a major one.

With winter comes not only cold temperatures but also snow.  Once snow piles onto the roof repairs often become very difficult.  Repairs should be done before heavy snowfalls to avoid leaving an opening for large amounts of snow to fall and then melt.  When the snow melts the possibility is there for the water to seep into the home which leads to structural issues as well as dry wall problems.  When snow melts it often can find a way into your home that might not have been prevalent with the rain alone.  Water that freezes seems to have a way into spots that we never even considered.  If this occurs the damage that happens is often extensive if not taken care of right away.  This is why roofing contractors don’t only work when the sun is shining.  Necessity calls at all times of the year.

We will continue our discussion on winter roofing and roof replacement during the cold in our next installment.  It is important that homeowners realize that home improvements don’t wait for the weather to warm up; contractors understand this and are prepared to work even in the elements.

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