The winter months are some of the hardest for senior citizens.  Not only does the colder weather create issues for aging population but so does the snow.  Shoveling snow can be a hazard to the elderly.  The latest stats show that upwards of sixteen thousand people end up in emergency rooms throughout the country for snow shoveling accidents and injuries.  The risks come from not only the change in the level of mobility the aging body has but also because of the risks involved with lifting and twisting that is required as well.  Another issue is an increased risk of heart attack that occurs with seniors who are more susceptible because of pre-existing issues with their hearts.

The cold air that comes along with winter is another issue that affects senior citizens.  The freezing temperatures create conditions that make it difficult to take in deep breaths.  They also further challenge already limited mobility.  With cold air comes icy door steps, road ways and sidewalks increasing the risk of falling.  When someone who is older falls they are at a greater risk for serious injury over someone much younger.  Our bones become more brittle and susceptible to breaks and sprains as we age.

When it comes to the population of seniors amongst us now we are aware their nature is one of a more independent nature.  This can be seen with the increase in the number of seniors choosing to age in place.  This is where many winter related problems stem from when it comes to the elderly.

Despite the number of warnings shared with the aging population many still attempt to continue providing their own snow removal services.  They continue to shovel, salt and snow blow on their own as they have an overwhelming fear of entrapment as well as a fear that not continuing to do these so called normal tasks makes them appear fragile and weak.  Another reason may be because of issues that arise from living within a fixed budget.

If you know someone that falls into this category that remains either too stubborn to ask for help or financially unable there are a few things that you can do to help.

Of course if you are able bodied consider shoveling their driveway and sidewalks for them.  If it is a loved one you are concerned about that lives too far for you to travel call upon their neighbors to ask for assistance.  Sometimes the people around them are afraid to insult them by offering to help or are unaware a need is prevalent.  Another option is to call upon a local snow removal company that services others within the community in which a loved one lives and ask them what type of services they can offer within a limited budget.  It will shock you how many snow removal companies will clear the sidewalks and walk ways a bit more carefully when they know the service is being provided for an elderly citizen.

In the winter months it is so important that we take extra good care of our loved ones that are aging.  Snow removal, side walk shoveling, ice removal and laying down an extra layer of salt are ways we can all chip in to help create a safer environment for senior citizens.

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