Finding an LTL shipper is a small feat for many businesses.  No matter if you ship a few dozen LTL shipments or a group of pallets monthly you need to find a less than truckload shipper that works within your schedule and budget.  Choosing an LTL Shipper is one of the most important business decisions you will make.  Another way is to choose a shipping broker that will assist you in finding exactly what you need when you need it. Whether searching for an LTL shipper or freight brokers there are a few considerations to make to find someone that will help you build your business.

1)      Work With Those That Will Help You Simplify The LTL Shipping Process

Find an LTL shipper that will works with you to make your shipping as simple as possible.   A company that has your best interest in mind will determine what your requirements are so that no detail is forgotten as your LTL shipments are processed.  The process should be easy for you, every question that needs to be answered should be asked ahead of time in order to ensure the quote you are sent matches exactly what you pay.

2)      Find Companies That Will Help You Save Time

LTL shipping is one of the most complex methods of shipping.  Find a company that will work with you to identify the class of your freight, the weight, routing, rates, packing and documentation.   Work with an LTL shipper or LTL broker that will handle all of this for you so that you can concentrate on your business.

3)      Make Sure You Are Always In The Loop

You want to work with an LTL company or shipping broker that keeps you in the loop when it comes to any and all issues that may affect your business.  If the freight classification changes and it will affect your overall pricing you need to know that the company you are working with will let you know so that you can make changes to your shipping budget.

4)      Saving Money Is Important Too

LTL shipper or broker should be working to leverage the best deal possible for you shipments.   Work with companies that will offer you discounts and blanket pricing.  A company that is looking to save you money will attempt to combine your shipments to save you shipping dollars.

5)      Technology Matter

The software and advances in logistics matter when it comes to shipping your products.  Work only with LTL shippers and freight brokers that work with the latest in technology and shipping software.  This will ensure that your needs are met at the best possible rates.

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