Many of us are trying to find new ways to keep our families safe while at home.  One of the ways we can do this is by adding privacy fencing and electronic entrance gates.  When purchasing an entrance gate you need to consider the gate operator that will allow the gate to function via remote control, keyless entry or other different types of control systems.  When it comes to purchasing a gate operator there are several things to consider before finalizing the purchase.  Below you will find a list of considerations that will allow you to make the best decision possible when choosing a gate operator for your electronic entry gate system.

Considerations When Choosing A Gate Operator

1)      Consider the type of gate that the operator will be used in conjunction with.  Do you have a swing gate, a sliding gate or a rolling gate?  You also need to consider if the gate is a single or double gate.  There are a variety of gate operators that are specific to your gate so choose one that is meant to work specifically with the system you have installed.

2)      Make sure you know the weight and length of your gate.  You won’t want to purchase a gate operator that is under powered for the size of your entry gate.  If you purchase one that is underpowered your gate it will not function properly.  Your fence will end up being underpowered and in the long run the decision will be one you come to regret.  Purchase a gate operator that is meant to specifically power your gates weight and length.

3)      Determine what type of power that should be used in conjunction with your entry gate.  All gate operators require a source of electricity to power them.  Low voltage, battery systems are simple and easy to use and to install.  You will still need an electricity source to power the low voltage battery system.  This can come in a simple outlet installed close to the operator, or even a solar powered source; both will help to keep the battery source charged.

Not all gate operators will be able to use solar power as a power source.   When purchasing a gate operator, be sure that if you plan on using solar power that your system is compatible.   The sun can be used to power your gate operator if you chose a system that works in that fashion.  Other systems require the use of good old fashion electricity in which an electrical source can be placed in a location close to the gate operator.

These are just some of the basics to think about when choosing a gate operator and entry fence for the safety of your home and family.

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