It is common knowledge that you lose heat through your head.  That is why we wear hats when it is cold out. Did you know the same thing is true when it comes to your home?  The roof of your home is its primary defense against the elements.  In order to protect the interior of your home, to keep the heat and cold in, your roofs “hat” needs to be kept in prime shape.  In order to achieve this it is important that you select the right roofing contractor to replace or repair your shingle roof.


Skill comes from experience, this is not a secret.  To become a better ball player you need to play ball, you need to practice.  The same is true when it comes to installing and repairing roofs.  When you are looking for a roofing contractor you must look into their experience.  When a roofer has worked for many years they will have seen and dealt with a variety of issues.  This will allow them to more effectively deal with the problem areas within your roof.  Find a skilled roofer that offers a proven track record when it comes to the installation and repair of your roof.

Licensed and Insured

This is true of any contractor working on your home, they need to be insured and be able to show proof of insurance.  Check within your state regarding specific licensing regulations to make sure that your preferred contractor meets these regulations.  You can also consult with the local Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for information on the roofer’s background.  To avoid issues down the road ask for a copy of these requirements to keep along with any written estimates.

Detailed Estimates

Roofing contractors with experience, ones that are licensed and insured will always provide honest, detailed quotes and estimate to their clients.  All proposals should come in writing and should be signed by a representative of the roofing company that is estimating your job.  The estimate should come with defined beginning and ending dates along with specifics on materials, labor costs and precise payment procedures.

Project Quality and Supervision

When talking with roofing contractors you can get a feel about their professionalism based on how the talk to you and treat their work as well as their employees.  Quality projects come from people that value their work.  Pay attention to the way the contractor addresses your concerns, look for both verbal and nonverbal clues to check for trustworthiness.

Choosing an experienced, trusted roofing contractor that comes highly recommended and loves what they do will ensure you unyielding results and the customer service you desire.

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