Hiring anyone to work on or within your home can not only be confusing but challenging as well.  In order to find a contractor to install or repair your new roof, review the list of helpful tips below.

An insured roofing contractor is a must:  Before you sign on the dotted line or hire anyone to install your new roof or repair your old roof it is crucial to see paperwork to validate their workers’ compensation and liability insurance.  The liability of injury and damage should be on the roofing contractor and his company not on you as a homeowner.  Any roofing contractor unwilling to show proof of either document should not be considered.

Choose a local company with a proven reputation:  Hiring a local roofing company with an established reputation in the community is good for your local economy.  Hiring locally also allows you to hold the company responsible for the work they have done on your roof is something does come up and warranty work is needed.  Companies that don’t have a local state are often not as concerned with their reputation and therefore not as eager to complete repairs or warranty work that is their responsibility under your contract.

Don’t look only at the cost:   Don’t choose a roofing contractor based on price alone.  Roofing contractors that offer cheap bids often do so to run down the market.  In order to keep up with overhead costs and proper insurance low roofing bids are often unheard of.   Not only are you paying for the labor of having the new roof installed but the materials to be used on your roof as well.  Make sure that your roofing contractor is using quality materials with reputable warranties and that this is written directly into the contract itself.

Remember it is your time and money:  You should be in control of the work on your home.  Don’t pay the entire amount due ahead of time on any job done on your home including a new roof.  Reputable roofing contractors may ask for a deposit upfront to purchase materials and reserve a time for your roof to be installed; never will the full amount be asked for upfront to ensure complete client satisfaction before full payment is made.  The terms of your payment need to be discussed, agreed upon and written in a formal contract before work is begun on your home.

Communication is key to success:  When you were pursuing them for a quote were they prompt?  Did they return calls?  Was documentation sent when it was asked for?  Did the company follow through?  Don’t hire a roofing contractor that does not communicate with you.  Communication is a key element to working with a contractor on any job around your home especially your homes roof.

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