It is that time of year again where we begin to think about and plan for backyard adventures including opening backyard swimming pools.  If you are not familiar with opening a pool you may think it is as simple as pulling the cover off, adding water and jumping in but that is not the case.  Properly opening your swimming pool is important to the lifespan of your pool.  Below are tips and pieces of advice to ensure a successful opening of your pool.

One thing to remember when closing the pool to make opening it easier is not to empty the swimming pool completely.  This is true even in the coldest of climates unless of course you need to do structural repairs or plaster work.  Your swimming pools plaster and care is of utmost important when considering the integrity of your pool.  Other than those reasons it is best to leave water in your gunite swimming pool covered by a secure pool cover.

The nest step in the process of opening your pool for the summer is to thoroughly clean the pool.  Put together the pools filtration devices, clean out all baskets that may or may not have been prepared properly when closing and remove any plugs that were put in place at closing last year.

You will need to add water to the pool.  Before you turn on the filter to makes sure it is clean.  Different filters need to be cleaned differently so be sure to read the instructions that come along with your system.  Sand filters are cleaned differently than D.E. filtration systems.

Take a water sample to your local pool professionals for testing.  Do a complete work up of the mineral content, the alkalinity, ph and chlorine levels.  This test will help to tell you what needs to be added to adjust that water to make it perfect for the upcoming season swimming season.   Balance the chemicals to the ideal levels meant for your pool.

Your swimming pool water will not be ready to swim in until it is completely clear.  This process can take upwards of a week.  Chlorine may need to be added to keep the levels correct.  Make sure you clean the filters daily, if not twice daily to help the water get clear quicker.  If you live in an air of increased pollen, dander, cotton weed or other flying tree gunk leave a cover on the pool when it is not in use.  This will save you a great deal of skimming and vacuuming.

At this point your pool is ready to enjoy.  Keep up on the normal housekeeping and maintain the pools water to ensure a season of pool water ready to swim in everyday.

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