A top priority for many of us as homeowners is the ability to protect our home and family.  We live by the philosophy that more is better and it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Home security has recently become a bigger issue than it ever has been before.  With increases in technology and electronic entry gates putting a home security plan in place is simpler than ever before.

Securing the entrance and the perimeter of the yard and driveway is a key element in home security. An aluminum entrance gate is not only attractive to look at they are a major component in securing your home and keeping unwanted people off of your property entirely.  Security gates are also helpful in that they keep small children and pets inside the property.  When installing an electronic entry gate ask your insurance provider about discounts in premiums.  It is also important to note that the money spent on a driveway gate is often recouped in the equity it brings to your home’s value.

For optimal security install an automatic gate operator to control opening and closing the driveway gate.  This alleviates the need for you to physically open and shut the gate.  The convenience makes the fence more likely to be used all the time.  Exiting the car to open the gate presents a security issue in itself, especially at night.  Gate operators are fairly inexpensive to install and operate.  Many systems are run off of solar energy therefore making them even less expensive to operate.

You will have the choice to in regards to access options as well when you choose an electronic entry gate.  There are several options ranging from telephone entry systems, remote openers, key cards and key pads.  No matter what options you choose make sure to update it often.  Never leave the same code in place for an extended period of time.  Another thing to think about is personalizing the code so that each visitor has a unique identification code.  This will allow you to know exactly who is entering and exiting the property at all times.

Security gates on the driveway and fencing around the perimeter of your homes yard are just one of the few ways to secure your home.  Consider installing lights that detect motion as well as security cameras.  This will allow you to see exactly what is going on at all times within the property without having to leave the safety or security of your home.  This is also a great feature for when you are on vacation as well.

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