Nothing updates a home quicker than a kitchen renovation.  Don’t think that your dream kitchen and upgrades need to come with an extreme price tag either.  Using the tips below and by hiring the right contractor you can reinvent your kitchen with limited funds and little stress.

The first thing to any home renovation is with the materials you choose.  Always choose quality materials as they really do change the total feel of the space.  Many contractors have an inside relationship with local nters where they can get exceptional discounts or deals on quality merchandise that may be limited or soon to be out of stock.  With this inside edge it is easier than ever to avoid having to use subpar materials in your renovation.

Consider the height of the cabinets. If you have a small space it is important to utilize as much of it as you can for storage.  With this in mind choose cabinetry that goes from the floor to the ceiling.  This will allow you to use extra wall space for other uses.

Purchase naked cabinetry to lessen the expense.  You can choose to either stain or paint your cabinets.  Stained wood is often the most forgiving but quickly becomes dated.  Brush painted cabinets can lead to a unique look in cabinetry but if not done properly can cheapen the look of your cabinets.  This is really up to the homeowner’s style and the look desired for the kitchen space.

No matter what details you decide to forgo never should one be the countertop.  Using the right material on your countertops will provide elegance to any kitchen space.  Slate, limestone, granite and marble are all amazing choices for a sleek kitchen renovation.  Consider mixing and matching complimentary materials to create a unique kitchen space.

An open, airy style island works well in any space.  Try to avoid appliances within the island space.  This tends to create a clunky, closed in feel where as in a kitchen you are looking to create an open, clean, wide open space.

Keep the kitchen renovation simple.  Don’t overdo the details and accents.  The style of your kitchen should be compatible with the entire home.  You kitchen should be an example of what is to be found throughout the rest of your home.

For a kitchen to be nightmare free avoid high maintenance materials and appliance surfaces.  Materials such as slate, brick or terra-cotta are difficult to clean.  Smooth surfaces in light colors and ceramic floors are easy to clean but not necessarily able to hide flaws or dirt.  As popular as stainless steel is the material is difficult to keep clear of smudges.  So be careful when adding these materials to your kitchen space.

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